Skin care test | pulse lift and tighten polypeptide essence, tighten and lift V face contour

How many girls dream of having a small V-face, but it just goes against the plan. With age, gravity, loss of body collagen, wrong skin care and other factors, the facial skin gradually appears sagging and the outline is not clear. So we in the daily skin care and maintenance, have to attach importance to select some firming essence of type, the compact class essence charting on market, I also like shennong taste grass bouquet, try all kinds of big and small niche products, don’t know how much money, but in the end be excessive pulse polypeptide core function – lift firming peptide essence of ring powder, are here today to share my own feeling! Hope can give the girl that wants to promote firm facial skin a bit reference!

Skin type: oily sensitive muscles

Skin problem: the skin is thin, pore is bulky, face is flabby, corner of the mouth is droop slightly.

Because I’m a sensitive skin, after communication with luxury vein skin housekeeper, her custom for me a set of skin care plan, plan together with the function of green core – soothing repair essence of polypeptide, to help me relieve repair sensitive skin, function of main today to tell you about the red core – the use of the lift firming peptide essence.

I use the tensioning polypeptide essence after water, 2 pumps are enough each time, transparent egg white texture, smear on the skin, fresh and not sticky, the smell is also very comfortable. It is also very important to use essential massage techniques, because the effective active ingredients in the polypeptide functional core are very high. Massage can help promote product absorption, and the skin care effect will be better.

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