Skin care assessment | luxury multi-effect nourishing polypeptide eye essence, dispel the fine lines around the eye for a week

Multi-effect nourishing polypeptide eye essence is one of the luxury core products, I believe many people have heard of it, and about whether this eye essence is really easy to use, you should be more interested, here today for you to share my own use experience! Hope to give the sister that has eye week skin problem a bit reference.


Skin texture: Mixed sensitive skin

Skin problems: dark circles, eye bags, yellow skin around the eyes with dry lines, large pores

The packaging of this function core has a sense of design, a good interpretation of. Core & throughout; In this concept, gold is the dominant color. Taste: Fresh and natural, without strong spicy notes. After night with muscle at the end of the essence, I press the pump evenly in the eye, and with some massage technique, extract texture is light yellow egg white texture, and not sticky, very good away, is very fast, absorb the essence when they think the price is a little expensive, just bought only 15 ml, but every time the use of a pump completely enough, you can use for a long time.


Eye cream coated in the process of the eyes, you can feel the skin absorption, compared before and after use, can clearly see the eyes have obvious carry bright, now small fine lines also change short, want to know the fine lines generated once want to dispel is very difficult, and the fat granule also becomes shallow, this bottle of eye essence effect really fast, more important is the second day morning, eye week skin and every day is different, exquisite and smooth, show the effects of the product durability is ok.

I have mixed skin, and it is very sensitive. After using it for about a week, I did not have any sensitive phenomenon. The problem around the eyes was significantly improved, the dark circles were reduced, the fine lines around the eyes disappeared and became shorter, and the dark and yellow skin around the eyes was brightened by 1 degree. Even if I didn’t drink water at night, the bags under my eyes would still be the same the next morning. I had bought many famous brands before, and my sister said that it was impossible to improve them, only using the method of medical beauty. This polypeptide eye essence surprised me, and I have to say that the effect was very good.


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