Real person evaluation | luxury pulse balance skin polypeptide essence, really good?

Whitening spot essence to buy but very exquisite, a lot of products contain VC ingredients, can not use during the day, at night after use also want to pay attention to avoid light, otherwise there is no effect do not say will let you more black. Today, I would like to share my 5 years’ experience in whitening and whitening spots. I would like to talk about the whitening and whitening spots products with the most satisfactory contrast effect — Luxury pulse balanced skin peptide essence and whitening and whitening spots emulsion. These two bottles, when used together, have successfully solved my problem of ten thousand years of spots and dull pigment.

The most characteristic of this essence is the composition with polypeptide as the core, this two years of peptide skin care is very hot, because it belongs to the human body endogenous substances, safety, effect is also good. And this bottle of essence contains many kinds of peptide composition and plant extract, I checked, it is very good composition, content is higher also, so buy try, bought when also matched together a bottle of whitening freckle milk, the effect is better under both sides.

My face is oily, and I have very serious dark pigmentation and enlarged pores. Although I have been using products to shrink pores, I thought that skin care products could not save my skin because of my unhealthy diet. It is the first time to use the luxury white functional core – balancing skin peptide essence, which can make the skin feel hot and absorb quickly. I also simply massage until it is absorbed.

As can be seen from the photos, my skin is yellowish and dark, and the brightness and whiteness of my skin are improved. Moreover, my whole skin is smooth and the pores are particularly delicate, which really surprises me.

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