Skin care assessment | sensitive muscle savior, luxury soothing repair peptide essence

As a sensitive muscle, I have been very careful skin care, for fear of a mistake, increased sensitivity, appearance level is destroyed. Many people think that sensitive muscles in the seasons is the most difficult, the do not know we all the year round, choice rather than mild skin protect skin to taste consider demand, and lead to some effective products with no, let alone fight decline and whitening, is still in the basic skin care for 30 + age stage, the aging of lingering beside me.

Recently, I start with a bottle of polypeptide core functions – luxury pulse soothing repair essence of peptides, specially designed for sensitive muscle, core polypeptide composition combined with Oriental herbs, soothing sensitive skin is unwell, repair skin barrier function, this bottle of essence ingredient aloe extract, was the first one is special, the price I can accept, so try to buy.

Age: 31

Skin type: dry skin

Skin condition: the cuticles on the cheeks are too thin and reddish, with yellow skin and blackheads

Soothing repair polypeptide essence, transparent egg white texture, refreshing, not greasy, good fluidity, I can use 2 pump every time can apply the whole face, it can not only relieve skin inflammation, but also has the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing the skin. Essence absorption of fast, refreshing but not oily, do not have any discomfort and stimulation, add the composition of various plants, has the very good soothing effect, for the first time to use this bottle of essence, can see the skin of my cheek red feeling diminished appreciably, use 2 childhood fade skin reddening phenomenon, as a whole to become exquisite and smooth, very surprise!


Use this bottle of essence for a long time, the repair effect that can discover it is very powerful, repair protect skin barrier structure, raise skin to bear force, calculate when changing season, the skin also won’t appear sensitive state, to sensitive muscle absolutely love arrives not line!

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