Skin care evaluation | luxury vein jiao run huancai polypeptide essence, is it good to use? How does it work?

Dark yellow skin is the problem that Asian woman can face, a lot of people can choose a few beautiful white kind product to help bring up bright color of skin, hope to achieve the effect that fades yellow, but use finally can discover, skin color does have to bring up bright but dark yellow did not fade, still can yellow complexion looks very unhealthy.

Actually beautiful white pour is not difficult, difficult is to go yellow!! Whitening products have a very good effect on pigment precipitation, and there are a variety of factors that make skin dark and yellow, or to choose some specialty skin care products, here today for everyone to share my skin color dispelling yellow experience.


Age: 29

Skin type: neutral skin

Muscle condition: dark yellow skin, inelastic, large buccal pores.

There are many reasons for skin dullness, such as lack of water, light aging, staying up late, skin saccharization and oxidation reaction, etc., all of which will lead to skin dullness and yellower. This bottle of luxurious, charming, huanghua and polypeptide essence is the essence that I decided to start with only after looking at the ingredients. Many people call it the functional core, because it belongs to the essence of strong efficacy. I specially studied the ingredients, there are a lot of active ingredients, and the content of the ingredients is also a lot, and it also meets my needs in terms of efficacy. Essence texture is relaxed, daub on the skin, have cool and refreshing feeling, and absorb is very fast, besmear meeting feels pore is a little bit itchy, seem to be in absorb nutrient same. After using it once, it is obvious that the skin color has been greatly improved, the overall skin color has been brightened a lot, the most important is the yellow gas is not obvious, just like the effect of self-primer, I hope there is the same as me. Yellow skin & throughout; The baby in question, go and try this pink core, to prove it, above

If the dosage is used, I usually take 2-3 drops each time and smear them on my face, which is very watery. I use the essence to massage the skin properly, so that it can permeate the muscle bottom quickly and achieve the effect of rapid absorption.


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