Which is good to remove wrinkle essence? The most worthy of wrinkle elimination essence evaluation, you deserve to have!

At the age of 25, it can be said that women are an important cut-off point. With the decline of metabolism ability, the body collagen loss continues, and different forms of wrinkles begin to appear on the face. Which is good to remove wrinkle essence? Let us understand the secret that goes crape together, evaluate a few go crape essence.

Facial wrinkles can be divided into dynamic and static lines two kinds, we age is more dynamic, exaggerated expression after crying laughing do fine is dynamic lines, and dynamic grain has not been maintained for a long time, may have lasting down static lines, is you regardless of expression, the wrinkles is there motionless, so prevention is the essence of anti-ageing! Today here with you to share my self – used anti-wrinkle essence, the most worth of the recommended to you!

Sk-ii Little Red Bottle muscle source repair Essence

This bottle of essence is suitable for sensitive skin and thin cuticle. It is very restorative. Elite white translucent texture, good ductility, absorb quickly, the effect of the official is repair, lift firming, fight decline wrinkles, dark heavy, I am a tie-in bright red bottle of face cream to use at night, repair efficacy have to praise, but about ageing and anti-wrinkle actually didn’t appear, I think as the basis of a sensitive skin to maintain, repair essence is a good choice.

The best of clarins

Dry skin baby’s favorite, the original grass this essence is in the winter, the essence is the combination of water and oil texture, good mobility, good smell, full moisture degree, dry skin in the winter is the favorite right. This essence belongs to my first anti-aging product. It has a good effect on staying up late and moisturizing the skin. However, it has no obvious improvement on the fine wrinkles, so it is recommended that all babies in their 20s can choose and use it.

Leboni anti-gravity essence

Famous lai ni caviar essence of anti-gravity, although the high prices, but the effect won’t let you down, really the essence of this bottle full black science and technology, on the particle essence was golden, become white emulsion after activation, quality of a material is thin, absorb quickly, exhausted feeling whole face is Q play Q, play for almost a month will consume a bottle, it took me about 2 bottles, really shallow wrinkles lot, lift firming skin effect is also good, insist to use a certain effect is very good, but the price really let I insist on not down.

POLA anti-wrinkle essence

I don’t need too much introduction of POLA brand. This small tube is not supposed to be eye cream, but anti-wrinkle essence. Almost all Internet celebrities have recommended it, saying that the anti-wrinkle effect is super super good. But the feeling of use is super bad, just like a layer of wax, but also rub mud, the official gave a set of massage techniques, but really not suitable for me this lazy star, I bought several tubes to use for half a year, for me did not see what effect, finally really is to use up the last tube, will not buy back.

Pulse polypeptide core

Polypeptide skin care ingredients have been amway, the efficacy is very strong, but the general efficacy of strong product safety and low, I this kind of dry sensitive muscle can not easily try, this bottle of essence is my best friend Amway gave me, she is super sensitive skin, even with no sensitivity, I dare to start. Essence of quality of water embellish, absorb quickly, for the first time I felt my face daub is a little tension, in order to be able to speed up and anti-wrinkle effect, I will be in furrow place filling besmear again, I use a week in a row, have obvious thin eye fine lines, wrinkles and have change, and the face of which is very good, amazing, this is the wrinkles artifact.

Estee Lauder line carving essence

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