Whitening essence inventory evaluation, small bulb, Keryan, OLAY, Shiseido who is the king

In the autumn, the sun becomes no longer strong, this is the best time for us to go back in vain. Speak of beautiful white, essence kind product essence is the single product that everybody expects the highest absolutely, face the beautiful things in eyes on the market beautiful white essence, price discretion is different, main composition also differs somewhat, after all what kind of beautiful white essence just suits oneself? To save you money, I share this episode with you

Whitening essence evaluation, the whitening essence of these big brands is really good after all, the real answer is in the evaluation!

Sk-ii light Bulb essence


SK2 star whitening essence, we are familiar with it, use for a week or so, skin color is obviously brightened, in order to light spot I also bought its small silver bottle collocation use, light spot effect has not felt, after all, light is a long-term skin care work. Cream creamy white texture, good absorption on the face, its main ingredient is niacinamide, some skin will not tolerate, so I suggest you go to the counter to try it, and it is really very expensive, a bottle of 30ml will be more than 1000, and not for long.

Keryan spot essence


Jia-qi li and many stars are recommended the essence, but have a little to live up to its name, the pale spot effect is almost zero, the essence of transparent texture, liquidity is strong, I insist on continuous use 2 bottles, raise skin is bright, but really no fade spots, personal feel comparison chicken ribs, general whitening products are dry, this is no exception, as dry skin I used only in the summer!

Pulse white polypeptide functional core


Domestic brand, this flagship whitening spot, from the root collapse, metabolic spots, cream light brown egg white texture, absorption on the face quickly not sticky greasy, moisturizing effect is very good, it is worth mentioning that this whitening essence also contains carnotide, its role can be big. Essence is very conscience, the effect is very good, is not only brighten the skin tone, but can see the whole by the change of skin, pale spot effect is also, I have a lot of spots zygomatic position, use the bottle down I found a little bit, but you need to use for a long time effect to good, official advice with two other remove essence and pale spot milk effect of double, I’m ready to start!

OLAY light – sensitive small white bottle


Called parity version of small bulbs, also was mostly niacinamide, but lower than the concentration of small bulb, quality of a material is a little thick than SK2, but absorbed more quickly, don’t know why small bulb can I use, and the small white bottle I have nicotinamide intolerance phenomenon, and it’s beautiful white effect whitening and not so obvious, I didn’t believe what parity replace, feel or slightly.

Shiseido new white essence


Shiseido, the essence of water, milk, main efficacy inhibit melanin metabolism, achieve the effect of whitening pale spot, I’m using a set of collocation, essence belongs to the translucent emulsion texture, liquidity is good, my face clear and not oily, outermost layer of skin pressure, to use as a whitening essence is “a good moisturizing the essence of the remove effect is good, in addition to blain to imprint is very good also, whole have carry bright color of skin, but weak spot little effect, suitable for young flesh.

Suilike whitening essence


These two years very hot medical beauty brand, the famous color repair whitening essence, moisturizing soothing desalinate acne print, yellow transparent liquid, texture is relatively light, the face is relatively easy to push away, I think it is more suitable for oil skin, acne print has a very good effect, whitening effect is medium, generally speaking, cost-effective!

The six items evaluated today are all my true feelings after I have used up at least one bottle of products. Generally, whitening products have one drawback, that is, whitening products have high whitening ingredients, and the skin will be very dry when used, but small bulbs and polypeptide functional core will not be used at all. So many years of skin care experience tells me, a good product, not depends on the size of the brand, the number of ingredients, but the boutique is more suitable. Well, today’s assessment is here, if the babies have any useful whitening essence remember to share with me oh!

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