Are these blackhead removers really effective? Kiss goodbye strawberry nose!

When it comes to the most difficult skin problems, blackheads are in the top three, and almost everyone has them. Is the blackhead remover really effective? Kiss goodbye strawberry nose! Unlike spots, blackheads can hide well with a little concealer. They are stubborn, and it is almost impossible to cure them. They come out every now and then and Say Hi. A few years earlier, in order to be able to eradicate blackhead analysis, we try a variety of beauty methods and artifacts, but the evaluation is mixed, after all, these

Is the blackhead remover really effective? How should black head clean? Today I am here to solve the black head problem for you, move the small bench to sit down and listen carefully.

Thailand aloe vera rubber nose patch


The price is really very cheap but it is not recommended to use, because it really hurt the skin! The operation is simple, with general tear pull type to go black nose stick operation method is same, tear pull black head to be able to be adsorbed indeed when pull, but the skin that can discover nose became red, still can molt for the second day nose, too dry! And with much pore still can bulky, to the skin harm is too big.

South Korea’s Holika pig nose patch


Everyone is used to remove blackheads products, in three steps: export fluid, black nose, the pores, to black head effect is very good, the nasal stick can stick down a lot of black head every time, although the nose clean, after or breeds, and pulling on the skin, the entire complex step, is not recommended, recommended only for the people who need emergency need to immediately clean black!

Luxury moisturizing Cleanser for makeup removal


This is a makeup product, I am also inadvertently found it remove blackhead effect, emulsion thick coated in black, softly massage for 3 to 5 minutes later, in a clean, can see the black wash off, adsorption, really don’t need a beauty tool auxiliary, meanwhile can clean the pore waste discharge makeup every day, in the long run completely remove blackheads sure no problem!

Xinlan DMC frozen film


Apply a hot towel to your face and open your pores before each use. The mask belongs to the activity texture, thick smear on the face, about 30 minutes with a scraper to hang off the mask, you can see the nose of the black head has been floating, then use tweezers to remove the black head. This facial mask was accumulated quite, I am individual not like very much, trouble does not say, follow-up cleanness is harmful to the skin big, used once lost!

Clarins balance cleansers


Rubbish, we call it the white suction cups, vacuum cleaners, big S has been highly recommended, a lot of people use it as a makeup, actually the role of white chuck is actually the chamfer, if on the face massage time is too long, it is easy to cause sensitive and cutin flaking, damage to the skin is great, can’t remove blackhead effect, so with caution!

Keryan’s White mud mask


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