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Now more and more male students also begin to join the ranks of facial skin care. For men’s skin care, the requirements are simpler, such as oil control, moisturizing, blackhead removal and pore constriction. These are the common requirements for men’s skin care. But in the face of the current complex men’s skin care market, many people will not choose, whether for themselves or their boyfriends, in order not to make mistakes, feng Brother here today for you to test some men’s skin care sets, elite men’s skin care essential.

L ‘Oreal men’s moisturizer box


Almost all men have L ‘Oreal facial cleansing, and watsons can be seen everywhere in the supermarket. This set is usually recommended by Watsons counter sister. This set is mainly used for moisturizing, which makes the face feel tight after use.

Recommendation index: ★

Biotherm hydrodynamic case


Biouquan is the man protects skin to taste in, in fine, the price is expensive, water quality ground is sticky, latex and bottle body color are about the same, but the feeling that USES slippery on the face, the individual is not like very much, protect wet effect or pretty good nevertheless, suit oily skin, but contractive pore and control oil effect are general.

Recommendation index:

Lanse Trilogy


Many people may not know this brand, and for the first time I contact also pretty surprised, man skin care products and so expensive, some people say that is suitable for the outermost layer of skin, some people say that is suitable for dry skin, but I think this one belongs to the relatively neutral, the other quality of a material is fresh and not greasy, but for large fields of my cap, also feel not to come out how to use good, really is not high cost performance!

Recommendation index:

The Koch Men’s Trilogy


This set is given to me by my friend, the blue package is quite special, I used it once and then became allergic. Later, my friend helped me check it because it contained alcohol. It happened that the skin condition during the change of season was not very easy to use, so I couldn’t give more comments.

Recommendation index:

Luxury Revitalizing and rejuvenating skin suit for men


Kiddo gave me, I am oily skin pore bulky, black head on nose, I like this set of box, open the cleansing gel texture is sparkling on the face after the massage, I feel the face wash very clean, but also belongs to water gel, which is in your hands won’t get, its hydrating and contractive pore effect really very good, it took me a month, clear pores smaller, and black almost invisible, a clean face really makes people on social confidence.

Recommendation index:

Yue Shifeng Yin men forest milk cover box


The main product is fresh, soothing, oil-control and moisturizing. Recommended to me by a purchasing agent, although it is oil-control, my face is very dry and tight after use. At noon, my face starts to shine and I have to wash my face. So the individual does not suggest that we get, although cheap but a full face of oil really can not mix in the office.

Recommendation index:

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