Autumn and winter men skin care and maintenance set evaluation, simple and effective is the king!

The boys know little about NBSP; skin care. For one thing, I don’t care for my skin. For another, I am too lazy to do my homework. And what are the ingredients? Is it right for you? Therefore, as a girlfriend and daughter-in-law, you have to take on the image-building work of male compatriots. Men and women have different skin types, so we can’t directly feel the effect of the product on the skin. Can we only choose blind? No! No! No! Take a look at the top 5 hottest items on the Web today

Men’s skin care set evaluation, streamlined dry goods, read directly to buy it!

Nivea three-piece for men

Suitable for skin: oily skin, mixed skin


It is a kind of men’s skin care product that can be seen everywhere in supermarkets and Watsons. The price is also very close to the people. It has a fresh texture and is suitable for oily skin. The effect of oil control is good at the beginning, but after using it for a long time, I feel the skin is dry and tight, and can not have a very good improvement on the problems of large pores and acne of oily skin.

Appropriate herb suit for men

Suitable for skin: oily skin


Domestic brand, clean face contains dark tea, it is said can adjust water oil balance, on the face is very gentle, but the effect of oil control is general! The main herbal formula, many acne muscle skin will choose it, reduce acne is still very obvious, suitable for oil skin in summer, autumn and winter too dry!

Luxury skin care set for men

Suitable for skin: all skin types


To buy him a lot of skin care products, the only active give me high praise of the product, seems to hearts, this kind of dress flagship liuhe a effect, but also is I bought all men suit, the only contains essence ingredients of product, it can clean black, contractive pore, accusing oil filling water, can also relieve skin discomfort after shaving, and matte effect is very good, really boyfriend liked it.

Shiseido men’s milk suit

Suitable for skin: all skin types


The outer packing is very simple, looks very high class, hydrating and moisturizing effect is still good, autumn and winter season moisture is enough, but the cost performance is not high, not outstanding performance is so expensive, if it is simple hydration, other affordable products will do very well.

The Seam is a great men’s suit

Suitable for skin: oily skin, mixed skin

男士护肤套装测评,The seam得鲜男士套装

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