How to choose the mask? The girl must enter the high cost performance mask evaluation!

Facial mask this thing is very important to girls! How to choose the mask? Today, Xiao Yan is going to share with you some facial masks That I have used recently. There are some that are easy to use and some that remind you not to step on thunder. I hope they will be helpful to you!

1. Blue pill mask


This one will also be bought back after being used once. Its main function is to replenish water, which has a strong hydrating effect. Apply at night, the next day the skin condition will be much better, for dry skin is essential ~

2. Luxury red wine Polyphenolic snow skin translucent facial mask


This effect is not just a hydrating mask, it is at the same time of filling water cause facial dull with improvement to stay up late, when I tried to stay up late the day before before apply a piece of the mask, up the next morning found the state of the skin is very good, without the phenomenon of dark heavy, this face film is really recommended for people you like to stay up late.

3. Estee Lauder Little Palm Essence Iron Man Mask


A facial mask contains half a bottle of small brown bottle essence, after use, you will feel the face becomes smooth and tender, the next day makeup will be very obedient. It is an intensive restorative essence mask and should not be used too often. Once a week is enough for all skin types.

4, LA MER mystery whitening essence facial mask


This mask is an intensive whitening essence mask that lightens the skin tone and reduces spots. Facial mask has a very good sense of use, moisturizing not greasy, the first use can feel moist and firm, the skin brightening. However, this mask is not suitable for daily use. It is also not suitable for oily skin. It is suitable for seasonal and winter use.

5. VIVLAS Velansong Tea Secret Mask


The luxury series of Velansong facial mask, gold foil facial mask main moisturizing. The core ingredient of the mask is the high concentration black tea fermentation extract, which is a first aid mask with a light black tea aroma. Apply on the face can feel lukewarm calorific, transparent essence can absorb very quickly.

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