Common low-calorie foods want to lose weight by eating them

What are some common foods that are low in the open road? I believe many people know that to lose weight, you must eat less high-calorie food, and eat more low-calorie food, that is, low-calorie food. So what are some of the most common low-calorie foods in life? Below small make up to recommend a few common calorie low food to everybody, want to reduce weight to eat them more!

Common low-calorie foods

Cherry Tomatoes

At 22 calories per 100g, cherry tomatoes is rich in acidic juices that help balance the PH of your skin. Lycopene also protects against cancer-causing toxins from cigarettes and car exhaust, and improves sun protection. Among them contain malic acid or citric acid, conduce to gastric juice is right of adipose reach protein digest.

常见卡路里低的食物 想减肥吃它们


19 calories /100g, low cholesterol, low saturated fat, high in vitamin C, high in potassium. Can promote metabolism, promote the consumption of calories in the body, is to enhance immunity and burn fat food. Because of its ability to dehydrate, eating asparagus can help you lose weight.


The quantity of heat 25 big calorie /100g, edible part of a carrot is about 120g, carrot contains rich vitamin and carotene, can raise the metabolism of the body, stimulative quantity of heat use up.


常见卡路里低的食物 想减肥吃它们

Common low-calorie foods

The quantity of heat is 12 big calorie /100g, celery contains iron content taller, it is the beautiful vegetable of anaemia of be short of iron, still can reduce the moisture accumulation of half body.


198 calories /100g, tuna protein content as high as 20%, but very low fat content, commonly known as the sea chicken, high nutritional value. The fatty acids in fish are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which contain complete amino acids, including 8 kinds of amino acids required by human body.

Whole wheat bread

At 65 calories per slice, a whole wheat bun is the lowest calorie in the bread, and it’s recommended that you eat a whole wheat bun for breakfast to fill your stomach.


Boiled potatoes, on the other hand, have a slimming effect. Use them instead of staple food. Add salt and black pepper.


The quantity of heat is 160 big calorie /100g, the avocado is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, quantity of heat is little, contain a lot of enzyme, have the effect of healthy stomach and clear bowel, often eat also have the effect that keep in good health.

Low-calorie snacks

常见卡路里低的食物 想减肥吃它们


Nori contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including iodine and selenium is particularly rich, these can help the human body to maintain the body’s acid-base balance, often eat can prevent the lack of iodine caused by dark skin and dry hair, and can reduce fat in the body of the deposit, but also prevent hypertension and coronary heart disease and other symptoms.

Trendy low-fat miton

This is not to say traditional rice tortillas or Thai rice caramelized, but healthy rice tortillas that are low in sugar, low in salt, no pork floes or peanuts, and not Fried, including the seed of Job’s tears glutinous, are nutritious and low in fat, also known as “rice cakes.” Although its flavor is lighter, but low fat content and full belly, not easy to eat too much, is a good snack, nothing bite more healthy.


常见卡路里低的食物 想减肥吃它们

Common low-calorie foods

Raisins contain iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals and A, B, E and other vitamins, and do not contain cholesterol, good blood tonic effect, often eat can also reduce the blood cholesterol content. And the raisin still can fill blood strong Chile muscle and bones, jianwei shengjin divides dike, yiqi by water conservancy urinate, but very advantageous to health!

Grilled fish fillet and shredded squid

After drying, the water content of grilled fish is decreased, and the content of protein, iron and zinc is not low. Shredded squid is also good, high in protein but low in fat. And fish fat contains common food scarce unsaturated fatty acids, with the role of lipid-lowering puzzle. But while these snacks are delicious, they should be limited.

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