The way to lose your beer belly is to say goodbye to your beer belly

What are some ways to lose your beer belly? A beer belly is a common problem for many men these days, and how to lose it has become a topic of concern. So how do you lose your beer belly? Below small make up to bring you the way to lose beer belly, teach you to say goodbye to beer belly!

A way to lose your beer belly

Eat at least 3 fruits and 3 to 2 vegetables a day

减掉啤酒肚的方法 教你告别啤酒肚

Reducing your lower abdomen can’t do without losing weight all over your body so it’s important to control the total calories you consume. Eating more fruits and vegetables will not only make you feel full but will also help you reduce your urge to eat sweets. In addition eat the food that is rich in fiber to be able to treat constipation more effectively and constipation is one of prime culprits that your lower abdomen bulges.

Stay away from alcohol

Whether it’s beer, cocktails, alcohol or any other form of alcohol, it can be responsible for proud flesh in your stomach. Although wine does not contain adipose, content of calorie is very tall however the alcoholic beverage quantity of heat that only one cup is controlled 200ml can achieve 100 kilocalorie. Alcohol also increases your body’s levels of cortisol, a powerful hormone that helps your lower belly store fat.


减掉啤酒肚的方法 教你告别啤酒肚

A way to lose your beer belly

If you want to get rid of proud flesh in your abdomen you have to control your rhythm and avoid starting with a lot of sit-ups that cause muscle aches and pains. Try doing it five times a minute at first, then gradually increase to about 30 times a minute. Pay attention to the waist and not the legs or arms.

Sit up straight

Losing weight is sometimes not as difficult as people think. Some people can lose some of the fat that accumulates in the abdomen simply by sitting in the correct position. Remind oneself to hold out a bosom at any time, shrink abdomen, straight waist, sit if hang bell, even if cannot maintain from beginning to end, think to rise to do likely from the abdomen on subtracting 2 jins or more encumbrance adipose.

Be a clean man

Don’t throw your clothes in the washing machine and just lie on the sofa watching TV. Clean the kitchen and mop the floor after dinner. Wipe table and other furniture, let oneself become industrious and clean man. These daily chores prevent you from immediately lying or sitting down after a meal to keep the fat from building up around your tummy and burning calories.

The hula hoop turns

Watch TV conveniently shake hula-hoop, shake hula-hoop to be able to use up about 5 calories per kilogram per hour. Take the weight of 45 kilograms for example one hour can use up the quantity of heat of 45 kilograms x5 big calorie =225 calories about, and with time can become the beauty of fine waist paragraph.

Matters needing attention

减掉啤酒肚的方法 教你告别啤酒肚

Above small make up share abdominal weight loss method although it seems very simple, but it is really difficult to operate especially for the will is not very firm, may not be very obvious effect of weight loss. All in all is a word: want to lose weight to want success to need to hold to hold to hold to again namely!

How to lose your beer belly at different ages


In this age paragraph, human body function is in the heyday, each respect such as rhythm of the heart, vital capacity, skeletal sensitivity achieves optimal point. Suitable for a variety of routine exercise, and should ensure a certain intensity of exercise.

Recommend movement

减掉啤酒肚的方法 教你告别啤酒肚

A way to lose your beer belly

Table tennis, badminton, mountain climbing. This kind of exercise is intense, competitive and interesting, and the amount of exercise is easy to be guaranteed.

Abdominal exercises

Lie on your back with your left foot on your right knee. Hold the dumbbell with both hands to your shoulders and raise your upper body, while raising your right knee to your chest. Take turns to do 10 times with both legs, a total of 2 groups. Dumbbell weight to be able to complete 10-12 times in a row is appropriate.

Exercise intensity

Have a pulse of 150 to 170 beats per minute.

Exercise frequency

Whole body exercise 2 times a week, each time more than 40 minutes; Abdominal exercises 5 times a week can effectively stretch the abdominal muscles.

30-40 years old

Right now the person’s body function begins to glide, endurance and absorb oxygen quantity to drop gradually, should do the exercise that strengthens heart and lung function. Such as walking, jogging and tai chi.

Three ways to lose your beer belly

减掉啤酒肚的方法 教你告别啤酒肚

Exercise 30 minutes a day

Appear beer belly and lack motion are inseparable, want to eliminate beer belly thoroughly, need to move every day at least 30 minutes, had better choose the motion that can take exercise whole body, for instance run, jump rope, play tennis to wait.

In addition, you should also strengthen abdominal exercises, such as doing more sit-ups, do more strength training, to help burn abdominal fat.

Don’t skip breakfast and lunch

Dieting is very difficult for men. And if you don’t eat breakfast or lunch, you will definitely eat and drink at home in the evening, resulting in the bad habit of overeating.

So, the proposal man friend 3 meal must eat on time, can take a few snacks with low adipose low energy to fill hunger appropriately and compensatory energy. And do not see hope because of short-term reduce weight inside, abandon oneself to despair, overeat, such method can let you more and more fat only.

减掉啤酒肚的方法 教你告别啤酒肚

A way to lose your beer belly

Keep a bottle of water on your desk

There are many benefits to drinking water, but it’s even more important if you’re trying to reduce your beer belly. When you want to eat sweets or other snacks, appropriate to drink a little water, can reduce the desire to eat. Instead of focusing on eating when you’re stressed, take a walk and release stress in the right way.

For men, the weight loss does not appear to be essential to life a task, but if the body is too fat, not only will make you look not a man of charm, also easy to induce you to produce a variety of diseases, therefore, in order to health consideration, men also should reduce weight, especially male abdominal continuously raised, more should strengthen their consciousness to lose weight.

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