How to use period to reduce weight the secret that period reduces weight quickly

How to use your period to lose weight? Menstruation is a period that female friends are peculiar, believe many people also heard that menstruation is ok menstruation. So how to use period to reduce weight? Below small make up to tell you how to use period weight loss, for everyone to bring period fast weight loss tips!

How to use period to reduce weight

The first phase: thin body welfare period – menstrual 1-7 days

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

During this period because the secretion of estrogen and progestin inside body is insufficient, bring about the period with the slowest body metabolism, bring about inappetence very easily, should not do any plan reducing weight in this paragraph of time, avoid to eat cold food even, add calcium and vitamin more, do slow gymnastics more.

The 2nd level: thin body overspeed period — the 7th to 14th day after menstruation

Oolong tea

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon oolong tea, 4 ~ 5 glog slices, 3 small lentinus mushrooms, 1 small carrot, 4 ~ 5 pods, 2 liang of pork.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

How to use period to reduce weight


1, pork slices, and a little salt, pepper, sesame oil, white powder, catch a catch, marinate.

2. Soak the mushrooms, slice the carrot, remove the hard shreds from the pods and set aside.

3. Add the prepared oolong tea into the hot water just boiled, and then pour it out randomly. Pour in about five bowls of hot water and let stand for more than 2 minutes before pouring out the tea.

4. Bring the tea to a boil. Add the mushrooms, carrots and konjak. Season with salt at the end.


Reduce phlegm and fat, prevent cancer. Oolong reduces cholesterol and konjak contains no calories, making it ideal for people who want to lose weight but can’t diet. Tea injury stomach, gastric ulcer diet, insomnia and afternoon consumption should not be.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

The 3rd level: thin body is smooth fast period — the 14th after menstruation -21 days

Accelerated weight loss program

1, but now the favorable period of thin body, although the effect may not be as obvious as the last stage, but still can get good thin body performance. It is recommended that JMs stay active for more than 6 hours a week.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

How to use period to reduce weight

2, there are a lot of exercise methods can achieve the effect of weight loss, in this period xiaobian suggest you play tennis or yoga ball training most appropriate.

3, if there is no time to go to the gym, you can choose skipping as a way to slim down, every morning and evening jump 200 or more, the effect is very obvious.

4, the best use of days off to go outdoors for long-distance running, mountain climbing and other long-term endurance aerobic exercise, fat and heat are excellent consumption.

Healthy diet

1. Increase the intake of iron and protein in preparation for the next MC.

2, eat high fiber food, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat noodles, brown rice, oats and other food. Intake of high fiber foods, can promote the estrogen excretion, increase the content of magnesium in the blood.

3. Eating foods rich in B vitamins such as walnuts and cashews between meals is conducive to adjusting MC and calming nerves.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

The 4th level: thin body is slow period – the 21st after menstruation -28 days

Healthy diet

1. The diet of MC should be light, digestible and nutritious in the week before the arrival of the tide, and adequate protein should be taken at the same time. Eat more meat, eggs, tofu, soy and other high-protein food, in order to replenish the period of loss of nutrients, minerals.

2, this period you will feel their appetite increased, at this time without a deliberate diet, as long as remember not to eat snacks and Fried food, do not eat late at night before going to bed on it.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

How to use period to reduce weight

3, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, but also to drink more water, in order to maintain unobstructed excretion, reduce pelvic congestion.

4, after a few days in this stage, can eat more appetizers, digestible food, such as dates, noodles, the seed of Job’s tears porridge.

5, avoid salty food, so as not to increase the amount of salt and water storage in the body, edema, headache and other phenomena. It is recommended to start eating low-salt food 7 days before MC comes in, and the above symptoms will be greatly alleviated.

Menstrual weight loss diet

Menstruation is the physiology phenomenon that the schoolgirl after entering adolescence must experience every, include menstruation a week inside the time before and after menstruation, the hormone of the body is secreted, circulatory metabolization can appear wave motion, because this paragraph of time undertakes effect reducing weight is better than at ordinary times. But because the special of this period, how to choose to reduce weight food ability protects uterus to treat palace cold still can burn fat easily thin body.

First, 7 days before menstruation: stable hormone secretion, increase fat metabolism

Recommended recipe: the seed of Job’s tears yam soup

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

Before menstruation comes 1 week, the endocrine of human body begins wave motion, hormone is secreted also become gradually exuberant. This causes hypodermic grease to secrete overmuch, a lot of schoolgirls can appear blain blain, acne, because of the stimulation of thyroid hormone hormone at the same time, the person also can become more impulse be agitated. This week begins to be able to enter slow reduce weight period, the mainest should stabilize hormone to secrete, increase adipose metabolization at the same time.

I recommend this week’s breakfast and dinner can be replaced with the seed of Job’s tears yam soup, Chinese food as usual. The seed of Job’s tears yam soup is made of 100g yam powder and 100g the seed of Job’s tears powder mixed with boiling water and then eaten directly. The paste soup rich in starch has a strong sense of satiety. The seed of Job’s tears and yam both have the effect of regulating human hormones and endocrine, and can nourish Yin and nourish kidney, which has a good warming effect on the smooth arrival of menstruation.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

How to use period to reduce weight

Two, menstrual period of 7 days: accelerate blood circulation, increase the effectiveness of detoxification

Recommended recipe: date apple puree

Aunt finally arrived, the first two days you will feel the whole body waist and knee acid and soft, period if the abdominal pain is difficult to endure it means that the palace is cold, congestion in the body can not be successfully discharged. Period is the optimal period that discharge poison, learn to seize this opportunity to be able to reduce fat thin body to achieve new level. How to reduce period unwell symptom, heat preservation uterus accelerates toxin eduction, can promote adipose metabolization to reduce weight successfully again?

Small make up recommend this week breakfast and lunch as far as possible to ensure nutrition delicate, but dinner to strict control of calories, with 2 apples and 3-5 fresh dates together into the juicer puree, eat 1-2 per night to achieve 6-7 points full can. Jujube itself is to promote blood circulation and warm the body of the fruit, apple is rich in pectin, pectic acid can help the body clear intestinal detoxification, and apple is a warm fruit, will not cause blood clotting and dysmenorrhea phenomenon.

Three, period after 7 days: fast fat burning, comprehensive conditioning thin body

Recommended recipe: yam red date rice

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀

The 7 days after period end is the moment that body metabolization tends to the highest peak stability, right now body metabolizes exuberant it is the optimal opportunity of fat of comprehensive thin body combustion.

You can be in this week’s exercise, such as yoga, aerobics, aerobic exercise such as jogging, riding a bicycle to get twice the result with half the effort, besides diet meal replacement method can be used, help the body fully burning fat weight loss meals alternatives can choose yam red rice, dried jujube have fill gas blood tonic effect, very suitable for nourishing the body after the menstrual period.

Chinese yam can nourish Yin and kidney, promote the spleen and stomach to speed up the detoxification and digestion, will be red dates and Chinese yam boiled until soft and then removed with rice in the rice cooker with water, such as cooked rice can be eaten. Follow midday likewise full, the full abdomen degree with moderate morning and evening, hold to 21 days of heat preservation to reduce weight before period hind law, average can reduce 8-10 catty weight, try quickly.

如何利用经期减肥 经期快速减肥的秘诀0

How to use period to reduce weight

Fourthly, matters needing attention in losing weight during menstruation

1, diet to pay special attention to avoid cold and spicy, these foods will cause menstrual blood abnormal, at the same time menstrual is absolutely not through dieting weight loss, this period is a very good stage of health.

2, period is not suitable for intense exercise, appropriate low amount of exercise can be, to avoid as far as possible will squeeze to the abdominal movement, compression of the abdomen will cause blood in the abdomen, leading to the prolonged period.

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