Why can cupping lose weight the principle that cupping reduces weight

Why can cupping help people lose weight? Cupping is a relatively new way of losing weight, but why? Below small make up to tell you why cupping can lose weight, explain the principle of cupping weight loss!

How cupping works

1. Stimulate acupoints and adjust meridians

拔罐为什么能减肥 拔罐减肥的原理

The purpose of cupping is to strengthen the functions of spleen and kidney by stimulating acupoints and adjusting meridians, and to eliminate pathogenic factors.

2. Promote human metabolism

It can not only dialectically treat, regulate the whole, dredge the channels and collaterals, promote human metabolism, and achieve the overall effect of weight loss.

拔罐为什么能减肥 拔罐减肥的原理

Why can cupping lose weight

3. Local acupoint selection and meridian guidance

What can choose according to fat position is acupuncture point, local take acupuncture point to be dredge according to classics, stimulative and local metabolization, eliminate local and adipose achieve the goal that local reduce weight.

The method of cupping

(1) the fire

Roll the tissue paper into paper rolls, or cut into thin strips, and when it burns to 1/3, drop it into the jar and quickly tap the cupping pot on the selected part. When throwing fire, no matter use paper roll and piece of paper, must tower above can mouth an inch much, after burning an inch or so, paper roll and piece of paper, can be inclined in canister one side, blaze won’t burn the skin.

(2) stick cotton

Pull a small piece of absorbent cotton about 0.5cm by 0.5cm square, dip it in the alcohol and press it against the middle of the tank wall.

(3) the fire

拔罐为什么能减肥 拔罐减肥的原理

Prepare a block that is not easy to burn and heat transfer, with a diameter of 2-3 cm, put it on the part that should be pulled out, put a small piece of alcohol cotton ball on it, put the cotton ball on fire, buckle the pot immediately and absorb it immediately to produce strong suction.

The effect of cupping for weight loss

1, regulate the body’s endocrine, promote metabolism

拔罐为什么能减肥 拔罐减肥的原理

Why can cupping lose weight

Cupping for weight loss is through stimulating the body corresponding acupoints, regulating the body’s endocrine, promote metabolism, so that the body’s toxins and waste discharge. It’s a healthy way to lose as much weight as you want.

2. Select acupoints for local acupoint selection and channel meridians

Cupping can reduce weight according to the location of obesity select acupoints, local acupoint acupoint by dredging, promote local metabolism, eliminate local fat to achieve the purpose of local weight loss, cupping can stimulate obese slow.

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