Meridian massage weight loss law does not sweat month thin 15 jin

经络按摩减肥法 不流汗月瘦15斤

Eliminate proud flesh on the inner thigh

Method: push the liver meridian of the inner thigh with the palm root. As you sleep, push the liver meridian 300 times from the base of your palm from your thighs to your knees. When pushing, you can use a little soap or grease to lubricate your skin, so as not to rub your skin.

Maladjustment of liver and gallbladder is to cause fat very common a reason, should dredge liver classics only, rubbish nature eduction, so next half body fat not easily.

Clear the outer thigh proud flesh

Method: all you need to do to subtract proud flesh from this area is to tap the knuckles. Because these points are in the muscle layer under the skin, not on the surface of the skin, when you hit them, the force should penetrate into the muscle. Only in this way can the effect be really noticeable.

Its principle and liver classics dredge principle are about the same, it is through stimulating this meridian, dredge venation nature can metabolize the rubbish of the body.

Remove proud flesh from waist

Method: knock to take a pulse very simple, want to lie flat only, the hand holds empty fist, knock waist the finest that dot. Knock 300 times a day, from light to heavy, for comfort, and soon these " laps will naturally go down.

Remove proud flesh from the abdomen

1, wave push pressure

Meridian method of losing weight is actually very simple, wave push method is two fingers together, fingers natural straight, left hand at the top right hand at back, right hand palm two fingers on the abdomen, and then right hand points to former press push, left hand palms pressed back, then back to repeat these two actions, moving slowly, from above, because this action done like waves in water, it is called a wave push.

2. Massage guan yuan acupoint

Through close yuan of acupuncture point massage to make food for a shorter time in the gastrointestinal tract, can effectively inhibit the body’s glycogen converted to fat, method is the person that reduce weight through the way of sit or lie on your back, with the palm in the position of the close yuan of acupuncture point massage on a regular basis, close yuan of acupuncture point position on the belly line, probably is three inches below the navel, here, pay attention to the step by step, slowly massage first, then slowly speed, average speed of about one hundred times per minute, in ten minutes or so well on time, morning and evening each once a day.

The action principle that meridian reduces weight

Guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the different characteristics of obese people, obesity in different parts of the dialectical treatment, and combined with ear therapy, umbilicus therapy, diet therapy, with the help of acupuncture and moxibustion, so that the meridian dredge, qi and blood harmony, viscera Yin and Yang balance, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss.

1. Stimulating effect: it can stimulate the local area through acupuncture points and auricular pressure, and transmit the stimulating information to the adipose tissue through meridians and shu points to decompose and liquefy the adipose tissue, accelerate the adipose decomposition and inhibit the adipose synthesis, so as to achieve the balance of fat metabolism in the body.

经络按摩减肥法 不流汗月瘦15斤

2. Drug effect: the drug is directly absorbed through the skin, orifice and shu points, enters the meridians and blood vessels, and is distributed throughout the body to exert the pharmacological effect, thus accelerating the decomposition and liquefaction metabolism of fat and inhibiting the synthesis of fat, thus achieving the effect of weight loss.

3. Enhance the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid: through dredge meridian and umbilical therapy, blood and lymphatic fluid can be accelerated circulation, so as to reduce weight in the process of decomposition, liquefaction of fat ingredients away, through sweat glands, respiratory tract, defecation and other ways out of the body.

4. Regulate endocrine disorders, regulate the balance of metabolism, and suppress appetite. Adjust endocrine maladjusted the meaning in reducing weight process is far-reaching, a lot of fat person cause the endocrine maladjusted of different level because of a variety of reasons, after treating through reducing weight, when her hormone metabolization achieves normal level, weight also can achieve normal level very quickly, adipose accumulation comes up from some sense to say is nutrition overmuch. Through auricular acupuncture point treatment to achieve the effect of appetite, reduce the intake of food is crucial for weight loss.

Characteristics of losing weight through channels and collaterals

1. Significant curative effect. Reduce weight through meridian, can get good treatment effect quickly, a course of treatment 15 times, can reduce 5 ~ 80 jins, 24 hours later can reduce 2 ~ 9 jins.

2. Wide application range. Meridian reduce weight suits the patient reducing weight at different age, although be hypertensive, tall blood fat, tall blood sugar patient still can use this law, can receive good result likewise.

3, simple and easy to operate, no side effects. Meridian weight loss for the operator is relatively not too high, and almost no risk.

Abdominal massage

Step 1: take the belly button as the center, start from a point above the belly button, and then move downward from the right side to make a circle. Massage each side for 30 times.

Step 2, both hands is placed in sternum lower part, along two straight lines by go up and massage, up and down massage abdomen forcibly, repeat action 30 times.

Step3, both hands is placed below sternum, both hands is massaged along the outside of rib body, repeat 30 times.

Large transverse abdominal cavity

Position: 4 inches (13.33CM) left and right of the navel

Efficacy: massaging the big transverse point on the abdomen is conducive to defecating, and easier to discharge the oil in the intestinal tract, so as to achieve the effect of weight reduction, also can eliminate the waist and abdomen proud flesh, reduce blood fat.

Massage method: press the tip of index finger with both hands and massage in circles for 100 times.

经络按摩减肥法 不流汗月瘦15斤

Abdomen tianshu point

Position: three fingers wide on both sides of the navel

Efficacy: massaging tianshu point on the abdomen can obviously adjust the intestines and stomach, not only stop diarrhea, but also relieve bowels. Maintain massage this acupuncture point for a long time, can assure alvine path is healthy, clear alvine path more easily inside stay then, drive away the fleshy flesh that accumulates in abdomen.

Massage method: put the tip of index finger on the acupoint of both hands, and massage tianshu acupoint for 50~100 times, and repeat in both counterclockwise and clockwise directions.

Above two big abdomen acupuncture point, very effective to abdomen reducing weight, and practice is simple, need to move finger to be able to be achieved only everyday.


The method of leg ministry massage is very simple, and the oedema that can subtract leg ministry effectively. The most common method is massage from the knee up and down, then brush back and forth from the bottom up, accompanied by kneading.

Zusanli acupoints

Position: zusanli acupoint is located at a horizontal finger below the lateral part of the knee

Efficacy: massage zusanli can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, play a role in regulating the body immunity, enhancing the ability to resist diseases, regulating the spleen and stomach, tonifying qi, removing weathering and dampness, and activating collaterals.

Massage method: repeatedly press and knead this point 100 times with finger abdomen.

经络按摩减肥法 不流汗月瘦15斤

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