The advantage that what bury line to need to notice to reduce weight

What do I need to pay attention to to lose weight? Catgut embedding is a method commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight. So what do you need to pay attention to? Below small make up to tell you about the need to pay attention to what line weight loss, as you explain the advantages of line weight loss!

Buried-wire weight loss (TCM weight loss) needs attention

1, strict aseptic operation, to prevent the occurrence of infection, the number of intestinal line buried in the subcutaneous to a certain depth.

2. Choose the Angle and depth of wire embedding according to different parts to prevent injury to internal organs, spinal cord, large blood vessels and nerves, so as to avoid adverse consequences.

3. The same acupoint cannot be repeatedly used during treatment.

埋线减肥需要注意什么 埋线减肥的优点

4. Don’t take a shower on the day you bury the wires.

Acupuncture point burials line to reduce weight to have what advantage

Bury a line to reduce weight this law 15 days to bury a line, absolve fat patient everyday “needle” the trouble of one time and anguish, it is busy modern first selection reduce weight law.

Acupuncture point bury line weight is according to the patient’s individual differences, different symptoms, different obesity mechanism, to carry on the reasonable and effective choose acupuncture point of syndrome differentiation, in the corresponding acupuncture points into protein (protein foods) magnetic line (line for needle), to achieve “spleen yiqi, dredge meridians, to reconcile qi and blood, Yin and Yang”, so as to adjust the plant nerve and endocrine function of patients.

埋线减肥需要注意什么 埋线减肥的优点

What does embedded line need to notice to reduce weight

Acupoint catgut implantation, on the one hand, inhibits the patient’s hyperactive appetite, but also inhibits the patient’s hyperactive gastrointestinal digestion (digested food) absorption, thus reducing energy intake. On the other hand, it can stimulate the patient’s dull autonomic nerve (sympathetic nerve), make its function active, increase energy (energy food) consumption, promote the body fat decomposition. So acupoint catgut is the human body fat rather than water, and can ensure the process of weight loss of human health (healthy food) and energetic exuberant, and rebound rate is very low, this is the biggest advantage of acupoint catgut weight loss.

Buried the line to reduce weight follow-up care

1, after weight loss, some people will have diarrhea symptoms, the symptoms of diarrhea for several times is actually the body is excreting toxins, do not need to eat drugs to stop diarrhea. In a few days after the embedding of the line, the acupoint part of the embedding of the line will appear bruise, this is because in the embedding of the line, the capillary blood oozing caused subcutaneous bleeding, there is no need to be nervous, in a week or two time the body will absorb dissipation, can use the method of hot compress to help spread.

2, for weight loss buried line, buried line after the first acupoint do not touch water, this is to prevent infection. Do not take a bath on the first day after burying the wire. Wait until the next day, and then remove the adhesive tape covering the acupoints. According to individual differences, in the first two days, some people may feel more pain, varying degrees, then pay attention to rest, symptoms will soon be relieved.

3, after the wire embedding may appear low fever symptoms, this symptom does not need to take medicine, after a day or two will recover. If you have a mild allergic reaction and a small red rash, you can take polysmin, or you don’t have to deal with it, and the body will heal itself.

Pay attention to exercise during weight loss

埋线减肥需要注意什么 埋线减肥的优点

It varies from person to person. The person that reduce weight must undertake physical examination before motion, if suffer from the disease such as serious coronary heart disease, hypertension and hepatitis, nephritis, unfavorable undertake more a large number of sports activity, want to treat a disease first, choose the project with gentle and appropriate such as walk, taijiquan. The elderly, children and pregnant women should also choose their own suitable sports.

Step by step. Obese people lack physical exercise at ordinary times, cardiopulmonary function and the flexibility of bone and joint are relatively poor, so it is not appropriate to start with a large load of exercise, the amount of exercise should be gradual, gradually increase, generally need 2-4 weeks to adapt to the process.

Be prepared. Before each exercise, some preparatory activities should be done, such as moving the upper and lower limbs, waist, so that the ankle joints, leg muscles and tendons fully open, the lung gas exchange increase, the heart output of blood increase, to avoid muscle and ligament injuries and palpitations short of breath.

埋线减肥需要注意什么 埋线减肥的优点

What does embedded line need to notice to reduce weight

4. Exercise moderately. Carry momentum is too small, do not achieve the purpose that reduce weight, carry momentum too the congress produces side effect, accompany the fat person of other serious chronic disease and old person especially, must notice all the more. Generally speaking, the amount of exercise should be controlled in moderate intensity, and the number of pulse after exercise should be no more than 150 times per minute for young people, and no more than 110 times per minute for old people. Should not appear when motion giddy, disgusting, vomiting, the symptom such as paleness. Muscle ache after exercise, sleep, appetite is normal. If you have a headache, poor appetite, insomnia and other symptoms, that excessive exercise.

Relax after practice. Loosen an activity to call to arrange an activity again, after every motion ends or motion intermittence, do some to move, jog, the activity with slow rhythm such as deep breath, make the heart, breath, blood pressure to wait to restore from motion state as soon as possible normal.

Be consistent. Physical exercise must be consistent, do not want to practice, do not want to practice, practice stop is not conducive to weight loss and health. Parents should urge their children to exercise and lead by example.

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