How does woman abdomen reduce weight small abdomen disappeared

How to lose weight in a woman’s belly? The abdomen is a very easy place to appear fat, many people will also appear small belly. So how do women lose weight around the abdomen? Below small make up to tell you how to lose weight in women’s abdomen, so that the belly is gone!

How does woman abdomen reduce weight

女人腹部如何减肥 小肚子不见了

Having a paunch is one of the most annoying and worrying things for girls. It’s also a natural enemy of having a good body shape, which can affect your wardrobe choices as well as your confidence. But what is the most effective method reducing belly after all? Today I’m going to share 7 tips to help you lose weight quickly.

1, massage thin stomach method

女人腹部如何减肥 小肚子不见了

How does woman abdomen reduce weight

Gastrointestinal dysfunction can cause human body moisture can’t in the body metabolism, leading to excess water accumulation in the body, the decomposition of normal cannot play, in order to strengthen the gastrointestinal function, then the upper abdomen, can be the center of the former two points online and moisture oppression and massage, then can solve modern people often the fatigue sex stomach disorder, and can improve the decomposition of fat, and water points acupuncture point can promote the metabolism of human body, has get rid of extra water of body effect, at the same time, the shek mun namely lower abdomen can be friction, then, will hand four fingers except the thumb overlap, it can stimulate large horizontal pivot and day, It’s good for constipation. It’s the fat that accumulates in the stomach that slowly dissipates and restores the noodles. Also can undertake massage to the abdomen, right and left and alternant push from two ribs to navel press, next vibration both hands, massage is very effective to promoting hypodermic and adipose metabolization. Such a massage law is finished, lie on the back. Gently bend your knees 3 times in a row.

2, thin stomach small exercise

Lie on the bed with your hips under the bed and your knees bent so your thighs are above your abdomen.

Keep your hands straight at your sides, palms down, under your hips.

3. Press hard on the abdomen, slowly count to 5, and straighten the legs forward to form a straight line. Then return to the same position and speed.

This small exercise can eliminate abdominal fat, abdominal muscle contraction, especially for the lower abdomen is particularly effective. Back, shoulder, arm should loosen, must feel abdomen to be in apparently exert oneself to do is effective, when doing unbend leg, tiptoe must face up, when leg unbend, notice the body wants to maintain parallel. Follow these steps to make sure your belly is flat.

女人腹部如何减肥 小肚子不见了

Abdominal breathing

Step 1: lie on the ground with feet flexed to 45 degrees, hands flat on abdomen, inhale through nose for 3 seconds.

Step 2: exhale with the mouth for 6 seconds, press abdomen gently with one hand, put the other hand on the back of the waist, feel the back is pressed slightly below.

Step 3: exhale through the nose for 1 second at last, press the muscles on both sides of the abdomen inward with both hands, fix the position of the intestine, and focus on exercise. Repeat the 10-second exercise for 5 times in the whole set.

女人腹部如何减肥 小肚子不见了

How does woman abdomen reduce weight

Create a slimming meal

To reduce the fat in the stomach, eating is a very important part of the choice of improper recipes, it is difficult to achieve the effect of a thin stomach, or even more serious, with a nutritious set meal, eat the stomach love food, give the stomach moisture, can benefit gas purgatory, intestinal smooth, stomach is easy to reduce.

5, finger wrapped method

This is according to traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture point venation learns improvement in fokelorium comes, buy ready-made breathable adhesive tape to entangle middle finger, remember is middle finger, begin from finger tip, every finger section presses 2, 3, the regulation of 2 circles twine went, cannot entangle too tight, want to let finger blood circulate. This is stimulation finger, palm and body each place reflex area, stimulation lymphatic reduce the law of the flesh, should stick on finger only stretch adhesive tape can reduce weight.

Woman abdomen reduces weight action

Rub your abdomen

The person that practice lies on the bed on the back, two hand are folded, go up clockwise on abdomen, nephew hour hand 50 turn each, two hands cent opens an abdomen to go up, again up and down reciprocate 50 times, requirement need not idea, can hold back breath hold back an abdomen to rise to practice, morning and evening one group.

Second, the body

女人腹部如何减肥 小肚子不见了

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, arms akimbo or hypophysis side, swing with body, turn left and right 50 times each. The request turns when the two legs do not move, turns the body amplitude to want big, straight waist, the head neck wants on the top.

Three, the body front qu stand up

Stand with shoulders wide and legs apart, with upper body bent forward and lower body bent forward, then stand up. The requirement knee wants straight, both hands go as far as possible horn feels the ground, do continuously 50 times. (you can also make gradual progress according to your own physical condition).

Four, in turn high leg

Two legs stand to begin (also can both hands hold wall, desk, windowsill or carpet on the bed to go up) go up as far as possible do not move, knee goes up as far as possible carry stick a bosom, two hands can hold a leg, successive and repeatedly do 50 times each.

女人腹部如何减肥 小肚子不见了

How does woman abdomen reduce weight

Five, sit-ups

The exerciser lies on his back on the bed or the carpet, legs straight, the upper part of the body to sit up, and then the body forward, at the same time his hands to the corner of the toes, repeated several times in succession.

Six, twist hip small jump

In place feet jump straight knee twist hip, two feet jump at the same time around twist hip, two arms chest swing and hip opposite, repeated several times in a row.

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