Chinese medicine buried the main role of the line easy weight loss difficult to rebound

[introduction] what is the main function of traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss? The method that doctor of traditional Chinese medicine reduces weight is the method that compares fiery now reduce weight, and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine burials a kind of among them. So what is the main effect that Chinese medicine bures a line to reduce weight? Below small make up to tell you about the main role of traditional Chinese medicine cable weight loss is what, easy weight loss do not rebound oh!

The main role of buried wires in traditional Chinese medicine

Besides the effect that Chinese medicine bures a line to think besides reducing weight, still have a lot of benefits.

中医埋线的主要作用 轻松减肥难反弹

Harmonize zang-fu organs and balance Yin and Yang

Through the input of channels and collaterals, various effects and stimulation processes of TCM wire embedding play a role in adjusting the function of human zang-fu organs, correcting the partial victory or partial decline of Yin and Yang, and restoring the relative balance.

Dredge channels and collaterals, and harmonize qi and blood

Pain is related to the obstruction of meridians and collaterals and the imbalance of qi and blood. There is a saying that “no pain, no pain, no pain”. The traditional Chinese medicine catgut embedding therapy has the principle of “restrain the qi and blood in the meridians and obstruct the qi and blood.

Nourish deficiency and eliminate excess

The multiple effects of catgut implantation in traditional Chinese medicine are generally exciting and have certain effects on those with decreased body functions and low immunity, that is, they can improve the immune function and strengthen the deficiency.

中医埋线的主要作用 轻松减肥难反弹

The main role of buried wires in traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine points buried line weight loss which several advantages

Traditional Chinese medicine wire burying therapy has no side effects on human body

Catgut embedding in traditional Chinese medicine is a way to treat diseases by implanting protein magnetized lines into the corresponding acupoints through catgut embedding devices and continuously stimulating the acupoints through the catgut, so as to adjust the zang-fu organs and dredge the meridians.

The “albumen line” that line of Chinese medicine bury a line to reduce weight USES is not common catgut, use Chinese traditional medicine to process however and become catgut, albumen line can be embedded directly hypodermic, initial meeting remains in the body, after 10-15 days, can be absorbed by the body gradually, won’t cause harm to human body.

Thin waist leg effect is the most obvious

Thick arm, elephant leg, bucket waist is female reduce weight 3 big difficulty place, if can have a kind to reduce this the method that does not hurt that again good did not pass.

The acupoints can be selected according to the individual’s constitution and needs. Generally speaking, the points with thin muscles and more blood vessels, such as hands and feet, are less.

And the place such as abdomen, leg ministry is adipose and close bury a line more, be helpful for local reduce weight very much, this is the characteristic that place of a lot of law reducing weight does not have. As we have learned, the law that bury a line to reduce weight is most apparent to waist, leg ministry effect.

Can improve the carbohydrate metabolism inside fat person body, make carbohydrate won’t accumulate inside body;

Theory of weight loss by embedding wires in traditional Chinese medicine

中医埋线的主要作用 轻松减肥难反弹

The reason that causes person fat has a lot of, for instance heredity and environmental factor, function of human body metabolization and endocrine change, bad life food habit, gastric bowel function is not beautiful, medicaments sex, disease sends fat, mental element to wait, reduce weight to also want to choose a method to the symptom so.

Average person reduces weight, the commonest method is no less than go on a diet, motion to wait, proper go on a diet and motion are good of course, but the effect is different because of the person however, suffer the limitation of time, condition additionally, also insist very hard.

And go on a diet excessive to the person’s body body has certain harm, should not recommend consequently. Still have a part of person, so-called “eat goods”, belong to cate current, “eat again reduce model”, this kind of person often can reduce more fatter, because cannot control his mouth not only.

In fact, want to thin is not difficult, in the appropriate exercise at the same time, with the acupuncture point buried line is a good choice.

中医埋线的主要作用 轻松减肥难反弹

The main role of buried wires in traditional Chinese medicine

Acupoint catch-embedding weight loss is an extension and development of acupuncture and moxibustion, which is an improved type of acupuncture and moxibustion.

Through the line body produces to the acupuncture point the continuous effective stimulation function, in the adjustment body function at the same time, in order to achieve the goal which reduces weight.

The law that bury a line to reduce weight undertakes every half moon commonly 1, 4 it is a course of treatment, every time 20 minutes, convenient and quick, side effect is small.

The principle that acupuncture point bures a line to reduce weight is, inhibited human body on the one hand hyperactive appetite and stomach bowel are digested absorb, reduce what energy take in thereby.

On the other hand, it can stimulate the body’s slow autonomic nerve (sympathetic nerve), make its function live, increase energy consumption, promote the body fat decomposition.

So acupoint catgut is the human body fat rather than water, and can ensure the process of losing weight in the human body’s health and energy exuberant, and low recovery rate, this is the biggest advantage of acupoint catgut.

Because bury a line in the process need not be on a diet, suit those appetite especially consequently hyperactive, the foodie that tube does not stop a mouth and gastric bowel function are not beautiful, human body metabolize the fat person that changes with endocrine function cause.

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