50 summer reduce weight small clever trick efficient thin body relaxed sculpture S curve

50个夏季减肥小妙招 高效瘦身 轻松雕塑S曲线

Little oil little salt, summer reduces weight the first action

Whether it is vegetables or meat, in the cooking method should choose less oil less salt. The method with little oil, it is to fry dish less not only put oil, it is to change cook method more, fry, decoct into boil, evaporate, mix etc. Meat is best stewed, boiled, steamed way, do not add additional fat, but also can remove excess fat; Vegetables should be less oil fire fast fry, or salad, vegetables are super absorbent oil, so in the cooking process to control the amount of cooking oil, fast fry and salad and can greatly reduce the flow of nutrients.

High salt diet will cause excessive water retention in the body, resulting in edema type obesity, is not conducive to the elimination of toxins.

Move regularly, summer reduces weight the 2nd action

A lot of MM say to be afraid of motion most, also do not have time. Exercise can be easy. You can do it at home, with the body as the best equipment, the best weight, in addition, you can also through housework, through walking to complete your daily 40 minutes of exercise plan, will effectively help you improve the body metabolism, speed up the speed of fat consumption.

Reduce the weight of water, summer reduces weight the 3rd action

In order to lose weight, you need to lower the weight of the water. Try these diuretics: celery, celery seeds, cranberry juice, green tea, fennel and cilantro to name a few. Eat diuretic food to be able to help eliminate surplus water inside body more, make kidney function maintains normal operation, eliminate dropsy phenomenon. And make water quantity increase, the toxin of the body can be discharged smoothly, metabolism nature is met good, reduce weight the effect also can be better.

Want self-confident, summer reduces weight the 4th action

Almost all people who lose weight experience stasis, but for different periods of time. The most important thing in the face of a weight-loss plateau is to maintain confidence and not get caught up in it. The most important thing about losing weight is to have the confidence that you are capable of eliminating all the proud flesh in your body. Again, perseverance is a must. Weight loss may have ups and downs, but if you keep at it, you’ll always reach your goals.

Dinner should eat less, summer reduces weight 5 action

A big dinner is almost a family habit, but it’s the beginning of your obesity. Because arrive in the evening human body metabolizes rate to be able to be reduced, the activity is reduced, the rest that the body waits, can let our quantity of heat inside body cannot get very good use up. Dinner to eat less calories, easy to digest food, drink porridge, vegetables, can also add some easy to digest fish, beans and so on.

Eat vegetable fruit, summer reduces weight 6 action

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, not just fruits and vegetables. Vegetables can be interspersed into three meals, fruits can be served as morning and afternoon meals, and occasionally as a full meal. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamins and minerals. They are also high in dietary fiber, which promotes detoxification, defecation, and slows gastric emptying.

Eat vitamin C more, summer reduces weight 7 action

Everyone knows that vitamin C is an important antioxidant and anti-aging nutrient, but what you may not know is that it also has a lot to do with weight loss. Vitamin C alone won’t help you lose weight, but a lack of it can interfere with weight loss. The study found that those who got enough vitamin C burned 30 percent more fat during exercise than those who didn’t.

Drink a cup of lukewarm boiled water in the morning, summer reduces weight the 8th action

Drink a cup of lukewarm boiled water to be able to dredge bowel path in the morning, still can dilute blood viscosity, reduce blood pressure. In the meantime, plain boiled water still is best beverage, drink 8 cups every day, can accelerate metabolism, conformation reduces weight.

50个夏季减肥小妙招 高效瘦身 轻松雕塑S曲线

50 tips:

Get enough sleep: getting less than 4 hours of sleep slows your metabolism. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep.

Doing housework will make you thinner

Do the housework: washing dishes, vacuuming or cooking are luxuries for us, but it’s common sense that doing some housework consumes a lot of energy.

3. Wear pedometer: the purpose of wearing pedometer is to take more steps than last week. Don’t underestimate these steps.

Eat small, frequent meals: nutritionists have found that for most people, it takes more energy for the body to process food than it does to eat the same number of calories three times a day.

Take a brisk walk: every day, walk as fast as you would if you were afraid of being late for a meeting.

Laugh often: laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day burns up to 50 calories.

Take vitamin D: a study published in the British journal of nutrition found that women who lacked vitamin D lost weight more slowly. Stephen &middot, New York City weight loss expert and author of the diet commandments; Gulou recommends taking 2,000 milligrams of vitamin d a day.

Drink coffee: Susan &middot, professor of nutrition and psychiatry at tufts university in Boston and author of my diet; B· Roberts said the latest research shows that coffee does indeed increase the number of calories burned.

Eat breakfast: you send a signal to your body that you’re not hungry, and it starts burning fat, even when you’re doing your daily activities. Fitness experts recommend Fried eggs or cereal for breakfast, with extra fruit.

10, timing activities: set the computer timer, the last 5 minutes of every hour to get up and exercise.

11, eat more fiber: low carbon high fiber food digestion time than other foods longer, the sense of fullness to maintain longer, can reduce the intake of snacks. Eat spinach, broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower.

Don’t bother: take the longer route to the bathroom or go upstairs on purpose.

13. Move more: one study showed that you burn 350 calories a day more if you’re constantly moving than if you’re sedentary. Although movement may be a personality trait, people who prefer stillness can imitate it by tapping their feet, pacing, or moving around in a chair.

14. Wear flat shoes as much as possible: if you’re a white-collar worker, you probably don’t wear sneakers to work, but there’s a trade-off. Wear flats as often as possible so that you can at least walk faster.

Don’t eat too late: eating too much too late affects sleep and may make you skip breakfast, which is bad for your metabolism.

16. Keep your chest up: being tall and straight not only makes you look taller and slimmer, it also works your abdominal muscles.

Drink plenty of water: dehydration lowers your metabolic rate. According to a German study, drinking more water can increase your metabolic rate by about 30 percent. It’s best to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

18, eat less sugar: sugar will let the body secrete insulin, insulin will convert sugar into cell energy or into fat.

Squat: squat to pick something up off the floor, keeping your back straight and your knees rather than your waist bent. This will help protect your back and strengthen your legs.

Chew gum: chewing gum burns a few calories and prevents you from eating be free and at leisure, especially when cooking.

Get a good night’s sleep: a study by the university of Pennsylvania found that poor sleep leads people to choose less nutritious foods. Another study showed that people who are sleep-deprived have less activity.

22, walk and say: don’t sit still when you make a phone call, wear headphones, walk and play.

50个夏季减肥小妙招 高效瘦身 轻松雕塑S曲线

23, left and right alternation: whether it is shoulder bag or lap holding a child should be every 5 minutes or so to change, can exercise more muscles.

24. Listen to fast music: the beat of the beat forces you to maintain a good fat-burning gait, especially when walking or climbing stairs.

25. Cook by yourself: it’s healthier to cook by yourself and do the dishes, and you’ll stand for half an hour longer than you would if you just sat there and waited.

Stick to dating: a study by Canada’s McMaster university found that women often order low-calorie food on dates with men (but not long-term partners) rather than their female counterparts.

Avoid eating at your desk: if you must eat at the office, walk after the meal.

Always pack a snack: always carry a nut, low-calorie chocolate or a piece of fruit. Eating regularly boosts your metabolism and reduces your chances of becoming a vending machine victim.

29, wear high heels: wear flat shoes is to speed up the pace of walking, and every once in a while, wear high heels, it is helpful to exercise the leg muscles.

30. Relax: stress causes the body to release corticosterols, which convert more calories into fat, especially belly fat.

Watch less TV: adults who watched half as much TV burned 119 more calories a day and didn’t change their diet.

Stand on your heels: land on the balls of your feet, lift your heels, and then drop them. You can do this pilates anytime, anywhere.

Work your abs: abdominal strength training. If you think you can only last 30 seconds, aim for 40.

Drink several cups of strong green tea a day: a study by the university of Geneva in Switzerland found that green tea contains catechins, polyphenols that may also increase metabolism.

Eat hot peppers: studies have shown that spiced foods temporarily increase metabolism. Try adding a little red pepper to the mix.

36, activity leg ministry: want to sit on a chair only, do occasionally raise genu motion, resemble piaffe a bit.

Eat salmon: a study has shown that people who eat salmon are much thinner than those who eat beef, even after consuming the same number of calories.

Choose coconut oil: people who replace animal fat and sunflower oil with oils containing medium-chain fatty acids, such as coconut oil, lose more weight.

Try not to turn on the air conditioning: indoor temperature is a little higher does not matter, sweating is also a way of burning calories.

Eat more skins: the body needs more energy to break down fiber-rich foods, such as the skins of fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy sex: most couples burn an average of 300 calories while having sex.

Don’t forget dairy: researchers believe that low-fat dairy products may keep fat from accumulating.

Drink oolong tea: frequent consumption of oolong tea has been shown in some studies to increase metabolism by up to 10%.

Don’t eat in the car: experts say it’s a hotbed of free food and too many calories.

Wave your arms: the more body parts you use at the same time, the more fat you burn.

Eat before drinking: alcohol paves the way for overeating, and have a snack before going out drinking, or at least a few olives between meals.

47. Clean up: while cleaning the table or washing the car, use both hands and do large circular motions like kung fu kid.

Buy some biscuits: high fiber low starch food, such as crackers, can form the intestinal lining film, prevent the absorption of excess heat.

Sit up: get into the habit of keeping your body straight while watching TV.

Learn to count food calories, if you can’t count calories, is likely to accidentally drink too much.

50个夏季减肥小妙招 高效瘦身 轻松雕塑S曲线

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