How apotropaic reduce weight, understand apotropaic cereal level!




How does apotropaic reduce weight 3, apotropaic method and step

1, 3 days before the valley, can not eat anything, every day only drink raw water at least 800ml, drink slowly with a small cup. After 3 days, if can continue, can eat a few fruits and vegetables (give priority to with apple, tomato, cucumber), but do not exceed 100 grams at a time. (also can not eat anything, but must drink water 800ml above).

2, in the formal apostate stage, if there are people who are not suitable for complete apostate, like obese people and so on, can eat quantitative food such as porridge, vegetable soup, peanuts, vegetables, fruits, not complete apostate can be used as a means to improve the physical condition, generally in the apostate teacher’s appropriate point, oneself can also complete at home.

3, the specific method of porridge is: 20-50 grams of rice (or corn, wheat, barley, etc.), add the right amount of vegetables, porridge, 1 bowl/meal, 3 meals/day. Gruel is a kind of good natural cereal, which can not only nourish one’s health but also prolong one’s life.

How does apotropaic reduce weight 4, the processing method after apotropaic end

Below general condition, restore cereal feed anappropriate to begin from fluid and a few delicate food, if can drink some milk, juice, milk powder, malted milk essence to wait, also can eat soup of a few congee, black rice congee, millet congee, egg, agaric soup, tremella soup, lotus seed soup or noodle. Must gradual and orderly, increase appetite to wait for intestines and stomach to restore original function to just restore normal dietary habit slowly.

Sometimes, after the end of the grain – cutting, there is still no appetite. If you eat poorly, your body will be fine.

Above is how apotrophe the 4 pace that reduce weight, if you like to use apotrophe to reduce weight, might as well see the method above, have certain use to your reducing weight!

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