How to nurse after losing weight to bury a line to nurse more important

【 introduction 】 buried line after weight loss how to care? Buried-wire weight loss is a method to lose weight by using the means of buried-wire in traditional Chinese medicine, which has been sought after by many people. Below small make up to tell you about the line after weight loss care, good care is more important!

Buried-wire weight loss follow-up care is more important

1, after weight loss, some people will have diarrhea symptoms, the symptoms of diarrhea for several times is actually the body is excreting toxins, do not need to eat drugs to stop diarrhea. In a few days after the embedding of the line, the acupoint part of the embedding of the line will appear bruise, this is because in the embedding of the line, the capillary blood oozing caused subcutaneous bleeding, there is no need to be nervous, in a week or two time the body will absorb dissipation, can use the method of hot compress to help spread.

埋线减肥后怎么护理 做好护理更重要

2, for weight loss buried line, buried line after the first acupoint do not touch water, this is to prevent infection. Do not take a bath on the first day after burying the wire. Wait until the next day, and then remove the adhesive tape covering the acupoints. According to individual differences, in the first two days, some people may feel more pain, varying degrees, then pay attention to rest, symptoms will soon be relieved.

3, after the wire embedding may appear low fever symptoms, this symptom does not need to take medicine, after a day or two will recover. If you have a mild allergic reaction and a small red rash, you can take polysmin, or you don’t have to deal with it, and the body will heal itself.

What distinction does bury a line and acupuncture and moxibustion to reduce weight to have

埋线减肥后怎么护理 做好护理更重要

How to nurse after burying line to reduce weight

1. Implantation in acupoints can stimulate acupoints for a long time, which has a longer weight loss time and better effect than traditional acupuncture.

2. Traditional acupuncture needs to be done every day, so that patients cannot generally adhere to the treatment course due to many reasons in work and life. However, embedding thread once to lose weight and stimulate the acupoint for about half a month saves patients’ time and improves the treatment effect.

3. The biggest advantage of acupoint catgut embedding for weight loss is that it has no side effects, ensuring the health and vigor of human body in the process of weight loss, and the recovery rate is extremely low; At the same time, it can also treat some diseases associated with obesity, such as acne, fatigue syndrome, constipation, menstrual disorders (too long menstrual cycle, too little menstruation or amenorrhea), sexual dysfunction (female sexual apathy, male impotence, premature ejaculation), hypertension, high blood fat, fatty liver and so on.

Another very important issue related to the effect of weight loss is the prevention of infectious diseases. Acupoint embedding is a therapeutic behavior that invades the human body. After the steel needle is inserted into the acupoint, it is easy to break the blood vessels. If the needle is reused and disinfected loosely, it is easy to spread blood infectious diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis b.

It is recommended to select a sterile acupoint embedding bag, which includes: plastic tray, gasket, special Chinese herbal medicine soaked catgut, imported embedding needle, scissors, tweezers, gloves, mask, sealing sleeve, etc.

Cable embedding weight loss (TCM weight loss)

1, strict aseptic operation, to prevent the occurrence of infection, the number of intestinal line buried in the subcutaneous to a certain depth.

埋线减肥后怎么护理 做好护理更重要

2. Choose the Angle and depth of wire embedding according to different parts to prevent injury to internal organs, spinal cord, large blood vessels and nerves, so as to avoid adverse consequences.

3. The same acupoint cannot be repeatedly used during treatment.

4. Don’t take a shower on the day you bury the wires.

Chinese medicine bures the line to reduce weight law 4 contraindication to need careful

埋线减肥后怎么护理 做好护理更重要

How to nurse after burying line to reduce weight

1. This therapy belongs to the new medical therapy, and the curative effect has not been effectively verified by the country at present. The professional doctor’s opinion must be consulted before choosing this therapy.

Children, pregnant women, patients with skin diseases, infectious diseases should not use.

3. In addition, some people will have adverse reactions, such as local redness, swelling, high fever and allergic reaction.

4. In the west, the operation of “weight loss by wire burying” all USES disposable steel needles, and the regular hospitals in China also advocate “one needle for one person”, and the used steel needles should be sterilized by professional high-pressure steam. But a few small-size individual beauty parlour just immerses steel needle in alcohol disinfection, can kill bacterium only so, wait for a virus to second liver, third liver, AIDS “be at a loss what to do”. Accordingly, ask consumer must not go “3 without” beauty parlour is done “bury a line to reduce weight”.

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