Ten exercises to lose weight on your abdomen get rid of proud flesh quickly

【 introduction 】 abdominal weight loss exercises are what? Abdomen is extremely easy to accumulate proud flesh parts, so abdominal weight loss is also a lot of people are concerned about things. Want abdomen to reduce weight so what to suit motion to have? Below small make up for everyone to bring abdominal weight loss exercise, ten sports to help you quickly get rid of proud flesh!

Top 10 exercises to lose weight around the abdomen

Abdomen, it is the easiest place that raises proud flesh all the time, also be the difficulty reducing weight that makes the female trouble most. Therefore, thin stomach is our daily lesson. Here are 10 of the most effective tummy tucks for weight loss.

腹部减肥的运动 十大运动迅速摆脱赘肉

1st place: cycling

Lie on the ground with your head in your hands. Bend your left knee close to your chest, rest your right elbow on your left knee, and lift your right shoulder. Switch sides again, bring your left elbow close to your right knee. And so on.

Number two: the captain’s chair movement

腹部减肥的运动 十大运动迅速摆脱赘肉

Abdominal weight loss exercises

Stand in the middle of the chair with your hands on the armrest and your back against the back of the chair. Then slowly squat, until finally as if sitting on a chair. The key is to hold the waist forcibly, the position of the foot also does not move, make ham gets stress.

Third place: flexing on an exercise ball

Lie on an exercise ball with your lower back touching the ball. Cross your hands across your chest or hold your head. Lift your upper body off the ball and try to keep it balanced. Lie down and repeat on the surface. This exercise is very effective for abdominal exercises.

Vertical movement of staggered legs

Lie face up on the floor with your legs crossed and your hands on your head. Lift your legs up until they are perpendicular to the floor, and your head follows. Pause and take one breath at the highest point and repeat.

Number five: abs

腹部减肥的运动 十大运动迅速摆脱赘肉

Hold the handle of abdominal muscle board with both hands, the body stretches forward as far as possible, then abdominal muscle is strong come back the body. During this stretch and contraction, the abdomen is well stretched.

Flexion movement of the long arm

Lie face up on the mat with your hands straight over your head, palms folded together. Knees bent. Then pull your upper body up, shoulders up, but don’t stretch your neck, keep your arms straight. Put it down and repeat.

Lying with your legs up and your stomach in

This exercise also makes full use of the strength of abdominal muscles, and focuses on the strength below. How to do it: lie on your back with your hands on each side and your feet crossed. Your abs should be firm and lift your legs, knees bent. Then put it down and repeat. As the movement is relatively simple, so must rely on the strength of the abdomen rather than the strength of the thighs to carry out.

腹部减肥的运动 十大运动迅速摆脱赘肉

Abdominal weight loss exercises

Number eight: stretching your legs

Similar to the stomach movement in no. 7, lie on the floor with your legs pointing to the ceiling. Hold your head in your hands and firmly point your heels toward the ceiling so that your body forms a “u” shape. Lower your hands and feet. Repeat.

No. 9: flat movement with arms and toes on the ground

This plank exercise, similar to push-ups, which works on the stomach, back and other key parts of the body, also came in at number 10. How to do it: lie face down with your front arm on the floor. Toes support the ground, the body is prone. Use your belly and arms to keep your body in the air, not your butt resting on the floor. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, then drop and repeat.

Fitness wheels can often be seen in the gym, with the focus on the neck and arms. Practice: sit on the belly wheel, holding the handrail position. Repeat 12 to 16 times with your abs contracting and leaning forward. Try using abdominal muscles instead of arm muscles.

The fastest way to lose weight around the abdomen

Abdomen easy accumulation proud flesh, MM people dream of having a flat abdomen. Recommend 3 abdomen to reduce weight the fastest method for you now, help you shake off abdomen omni-directional proud flesh, have an attractive and even abdomen.

Thin abdomen method one: abdomen is massaged

腹部减肥的运动 十大运动迅速摆脱赘肉

If the skin is not very sensitive or dry, it is best to be able to exfoliate the body once a week, with some slimming products, so that the slimming nutrients are better absorbed by the body, at the same time with a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise, have a flat abdomen is not difficult.

Thin abdomen method two: the time maintains the abdomen tense condition

In the usual time to pay attention to maintain abdominal tension, you can do small movements, such as picking up the book action, sit-ups, or always remember to maintain abdominal tension, pay attention to the tightening of the abdomen, lift the chest, adhere to such a state every day, you can easily shake off the abdominal proud flesh.

Three: different parts of the abdomen have different methods

Strictly speaking, the abdomen is divided into the waist, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, their obesity reasons are not the same.

腹部减肥的运动 十大运动迅速摆脱赘肉

Abdominal weight loss exercises

Big stomach: if the body’s metabolic rate is reduced, usually lack of exercise, and like to eat sweets or cold drinks, so proud flesh is very easy to accumulate in the upper abdomen.

Therefore in peacetime should drink more honey huss, eat some fruit, reduce the intake of sweet food, control calories and sugar intake.

Belly fat: the formation of belly fat and usually eat dinner always sitting, or busy work no time to drink water, constipation.

So in the usual diet to supplement water, eat more detoxification of healthy food, but also pay attention to the appropriate exercise.

Appear bucket waist: bucket waist is mainly caused by gluttony. Therefore, it is very important to control calorie intake.

Eat the food of high quantity of heat less, eat some of low quantity of heat more but the food with high nutrition value, avoid the circumstance of overeat, when eating, chew slowly pharynx, in order to increase the person’s satiety feeling, let a person control quantity of heat, reduce weight easily.

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