Benefits help you lose weight fast

What’s the secret to losing weight fast during your period? Probably everyone has heard that the reasonable use of menstruation can effectively reduce weight, so how to lose weight quickly in the end? Below small make up for everyone to bring period fast weight loss diet secret, welfare period to help you fast weight loss!

Four benefit periods accelerated the downsizing

One, model body welfare period: the 1~7 days that physiology period comes

Myth: eating too much chocolate won’t make you fat

经期快速瘦身秘诀 福利期帮你快速瘦身

Many of you may have read the weight loss rumor on the Internet that you can’t get fat by eating chocolate during your period. Because schoolgirl is in before physiology period, the body can appear oedema phenomenon, want much heavier than at ordinary times weight. When be in period however, moisture can reduce slowly, a lot of MM can think oneself ate a lot of to did not become fat, bring about before amlposition cognizance.

So eat sweet food in this paragraph of time to still be able to get fat actually. But if you eat dark chocolate, as long as the right amount, it is helpful, because some girls during menstruation mood more anxious, unstable, then eat a little dark chocolate can help stabilize the mood.

Benefit period slimming advice

Apple tea. Can use dried apple to add black tea or green tea, already can diuretic can go again oedema.

2, if you find yourself in this period especially want to eat dessert, small make up suggested that MM people might as well eat some brown sugar, brown sugar can be effective because of the loss of iron body period. At the same time, brown sugar plus ginger, but also effective removal of the body quickly in the menstrual blood.

经期快速瘦身秘诀 福利期帮你快速瘦身

Fast weight loss during menstruation tips

You can have some soy milk. Some studies have found that soy milk contains branched chain amino acids, which can help our body do some oxidative exercise and make us lose weight more smoothly.

Ii. Overspeed period of body shaping: 7-14 days after the physiological period

This is when your body naturally releases leptin, which makes you feel less hungry. In this period of time as long as adhere to and increase the amount of exercise, eat less, will be effective immediately.

Do not touch starch after physiological period to accelerate weight loss

Do not eat starch must be fat! Whole grains are a must, depending on when, how much and what kind of food you eat.

Overspeed weight loss advice

1, can achieve the effect that reduce weight through sitting on the bed pelvic pillow motion. Pelvic pillow is put in the position below the waist and buttock, the action that shares on the net very much will thin body. Such method is little to motion or the person that do not move, it is a kind of shortcut and convenient method undoubtedly.

2. If you really like cake, try to keep a little of the sweet stuff to yourself during this time and try not to eat it at all. The coarser the grain you eat, the better. Eat about half a bowl to eight full minutes. At this time with the amount of exercise, the body faster burning fat.

经期快速瘦身秘诀 福利期帮你快速瘦身

3. Give up drinks such as milk tea. The quantity of heat limit that schoolgirl one day absorbs is probably 1200~1500 big calorie, and the quantity of heat of a cup of milk tea is already 500~700 big calorie, be equivalent to saying the quantity of heat of a cup of milk tea accounted for one half of a day quantity of heat. Add the quantity of heat that place of place of daily 3 eat takes, accumulate for a long time, quantity of heat exceeds bid, nature does not come down thin.

Three, shaping fast period: 14~21 days after the physiological period

Myth: plenty of exercise and plenty of fruit

Eat fruit in moderation, or you may get diabetes. Smooth fast period appetite is restored, the proposal USES acting eat, the food that USES tall fine adds lemon bubble water to drink to be able to restrain appetite, tie-in motion. Use this 7 days also can thin 2~3 jins.

Fast weight loss advice

经期快速瘦身秘诀 福利期帮你快速瘦身

Fast weight loss during menstruation tips

1, the amount of fruit to eat every day should not exceed the size of two fists, a lot of people have fatty liver because eat fruit to eat too much. Although the GI value of some fruits is relatively low, such as apples, the quantity should be controlled. One fruit per day is almost enough.

2, a lot of people say don’t eat when reducing weight, because it is starch, but in fact as long as it is rice, flour to do things belong to starch, such as soda biscuits, cakes. And this period of time for starches and sweets must be contraindicated, strict control, once you eat sweets, fat will be more easy to accumulate. This is when the body secretes progesterone, a hormone that causes fat to build up.

Iv. Slow body shaping period: 21~28 days after the physiological period

Myth: eating too much is OK

This is the time when most people’s appetites become supernormal and they crave junk food. The simplest method reducing weight this paragraph of time does not eat Fried food, sweetmeats and snacks namely, through half an year, can reduce successfully next 3 kilograms.

Slow weight loss advice

1. This is the period when most people will have PMS and many will begin to develop edema all over their body. At this time the most important thing is not to eat too salty things, because the intake of sodium too much, the body will edema, this time you can eat red bean soup, asparagus water and other natural diuretics, help to excrete water.

2. Accelerate the motion. Increase the amount of exercise you do each day to combat dieters.

3. Use massage to lose weight. All metabolism of human body is in this paragraph of time slow period, can use massage more at this moment go undertaking thin body, can wait for thin body acupoint through massage Yin ling acupuncture point or use thin body frost and a few massage small prop, help adipose better combustion.

Period reduces weight the fastest secret book

经期快速瘦身秘诀 福利期帮你快速瘦身

What does period eat to reduce weight? Women’s bodies are especially weak during menstruation, so pay attention to your food choices if you want to lose weight without hurting yourself. So those reduce weight food period can eat, what food period wants to reduce weight to eat less? Below small make up for you to list period weight loss must eat and should change to eat less food list, teach you period to eat what weight loss!

1, kelp

Kelp can reduce adipose the deposit on blood-vessel wall, the toxin in letting blood educts by inside body, additional research, discovery boiled kelp effect is better!

2, red bean

经期快速瘦身秘诀 福利期帮你快速瘦身

Fast weight loss during menstruation tips

Red bean sex tastes sweet acid and even, in detoxification while still can help you supplement qi and blood, if your leg ministry is in menstruation period oedema, red bean is optimal choice!

3, garlic

Garlic can reduce the production of cholesterol in the blood, help to increase high-density lipoprotein, for your menstrual period to supplement enough energy. If you accidentally eat a big meal, you can always remedy it by eating a little garlic at some point!

4, yam

Yam contains a lot of mucus protein, can prevent fat deposition in the blood vessels, for you to retain enough blood protein, so that you will not lose too much blood and inadequate nutrition.

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