Wired for weight loss something you definitely don’t know about wired for weight loss

埋线减肥有效吗 有关埋线你肯定不知道的事情

1. The protein thread embedded in acupoints for weight loss can stimulate acupoints for a long time, lasting longer than traditional acupuncture and moxibustion, and the effect is better.

2. Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy is needed every day to lose weight, and patients often find it difficult to stick to the treatment course due to work, life and other reasons. But burials the line to reduce weight, burials the line once, the acupuncture point stimulation time as long as half month or so, has saved the patient’s time, enhanced the treatment course effect.

Catgut embedding is a popular way of losing weight, but is it really effective? Today, I’m going to tell you something you probably didn’t know about buried-wire weight loss. Catgut embedding is an extension and development of acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss. It USES catgut embedding apparatus to implant protein magnetized lines into corresponding acupoints, and generates continuous and effective stimulation to acupoints through the thread body (the thread is naturally dissolved and absorbed within 15 days to 3 months in the body), so as to achieve weight loss. This method buried the wire once in 20 days, exempt the obese patients every day. The needle & throughout; A time of trouble and pain.

Is burying a line to reduce weight effective about burying a line the thing that you do not know for certain about burying a line acupoint is buried a line on the one hand inhibited patient hyperactive appetite, also inhibited patient hyperactive gastric bowel to digest absorb a function at the same time, reduce what energy take in thereby. On the other hand, it can also stimulate the patient’s slow autonomic nerve (sympathetic nerve), make its function active, increase energy consumption, promote the body fat decomposition. So, what bury a line to reduce weight is the adipose of human body and be not moisture content, can assure the healthy of the human body in reducing weight process and energetic exuberant, and rebound rate is extremely low, this is the biggest advantage that bury a line to reduce weight. With the development of modern biomedical materials, catgut embedding has developed to the stage of minimally invasive catgut embedding with less trauma. Different from traditional acupoint catgut embedding weight loss, minimally invasive catgut embedding weight loss adopts macromolecular biological collagen, which is more gentle to acupoint stimulation and avoids adverse reactions such as allergy and infection caused by traditional catgut (protein thread). In terms of operation, minimally invasive thread embedding weight loss adopts a very fine disposable special thread embedding needle, without anesthesia, surgery and incision, the curative effect is very significant, safe and reliable, no pain, no any toxic side effects, long-term curative effect is good, so it is more easily accepted by the public.

埋线减肥有效吗 有关埋线你肯定不知道的事情

Q: is burying wires effective for weight loss?

A: these are the ones that have been buried during the weight loss program. Buried & throughout; Into the proteins in the body line in 15 days to 3 months will be absorbed by the body’s natural dissolved, rise to the human body meridian clear, harmonize qi and blood, improve plant nerve function disorder and endocrine disorders, inhibit fat person gastrointestinal digestion, absorption and hyperthyroidism appetite, reduce calorie intake, obese slow autonomic nerve stimulation, active at the same time, the promotion of human fat decomposition and the role of consumption. However, this diet is not perfect. This therapy is a new medical treatment, the curative effect has not been effective national clinical verification, so the choice of this therapy must first consult the professional doctor’s opinion.

Bury a line to reduce weight effective about bury a line the thing that you do not know for certain to bury a line to reduce weight the attention matters that bury a line to reduce weight the attention matters that bury a line to reduce weight is nowadays a kind of more popular method reducing weight, because safe, effective, ache is lesser, do not affect the advantage such as normal job and life to get the praise highly of a lot of person that reduce weight and love. But dear friends tries to bury the line before reducing weight, remember to understand the following matters needing attention first. Embedded wire before:

1. Before wire embedding, if the patient has a history of needle sickness or blood sickness, he/she should first tell the doctor and choose the wire embedding in flat position;

2. Patients should not be nervous, sweaty, tired or hungry before wire embedding.

After the embedded wire:

1. Lie on your back for about 3 minutes after embedding the wire, and get up and leave if there is no discomfort;

2. Do not touch the water on the first day after weight loss, and shower normally on the second day;

3. Soy-bean size induration may occur at the site of wire embedding 1 to 3 days after wire embedding, which is a normal phenomenon and will generally disappear in about 7-10 days;

埋线减肥有效吗 有关埋线你肯定不知道的事情

Wired for weight loss something you definitely don’t know about wired for weight loss

4, after 1 to 7 days, if there is a condition of pain, is a normal phenomenon of sheep gut stimulation acupoints, will soon relieve;

5. Low fever or slight allergy after wire embedding can be self-cured;

6. The bruises on the part of the embedded wires will be absorbed by themselves after a few days, and can be accelerated by proper hot compress;

7. Allergy may occur to acupoint catgut-embedding, which is manifested as sclerosing in acupoints 1-2 weeks after catgut-embedding, accompanied by severe allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, heat and pain, and should be dealt with by a doctor in time;

8. One week after the selection of catgut embedding therapy, high-protein diets such as seafood should be minimized to prevent allergic reactions after catgut embedding.

埋线减肥有效吗 有关埋线你肯定不知道的事情

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