Postpartum fat how to reduce weight lazy small coup

【 introduction 】 postpartum obesity how to lose weight? Postpartum fat is the problem that a lot of female friends can encounter, so postpartum fat figure out of shape in the end how to do? Below small make up to give you talk about how to lose weight postpartum obesity, for you to bring lazy people to lose weight small coup!

Postpartum fat how to reduce weight so eat good drink good also can thin

Postpartum fat how to reduce weight one, massage law reducing weight

Massage is the most direct and effective way of healthy weight loss, through massage stimulation acupoints, promote blood and lymph circulation, eliminate toxins, eliminate obesity, at the same time can also stimulate the distribution of important acupoints in the body to adjust hormone secretion, massage is the most direct and effective way of shaping. A lot of people to massage the effect of thin body have considerable experience, but this method is also need to insist to have effect, the specific method is in the body with the slimming cream, hands began to gently knead, from the bottom up, slowly even, position of fat more massage, fever until skin, promote blood and lymph circulation, the skin white and smooth.

产后肥胖怎么减肥 懒人减肥小妙招

Postpartum fat how to reduce weight two, breastfeeding

Although postpartum weight loss is one of the most concerned issues for every new mother, clinical findings show that breastfeeding mothers are more likely to restore slim figure, because feeding 1ml of maternal milk will consume an average of 0.6 to 0.7 calories. If be calculated with the darling that feeds body 6 kilograms to weigh personally everyday, the mother must make 600ml milk every day, the quantity of heat that place consumes is equivalent to run 60 minutes, walk 110 minutes, the athletic heat that mops the ground 2 hours. As long as just 2 weeks, breastfeeding mothers can easily lose 1 kg.

Postpartum fat how to reduce weight 3, moderate activity

Postpartum can also carry out moderate exercise, even just a few months after the birth of the baby, moderate activity is necessary, of course, we must avoid intense exercise. Take a walk or do some light housework. When your body recovers, you can practice some simple yoga movements to help reshape your body. Wait until full recovery can be developed for their own aerobic exercise training plan, exercise into a tight beautiful hot mom.

产后肥胖怎么减肥 懒人减肥小妙招

How does postpartum fat reduce weight

Postpartum fat how to reduce weight four, reasonable adjustment diet

Postpartum food collocation for the smooth weight loss, has a vital role. To ensure that babies and new mothers are well nourished, they must have a diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables.

New mom should eat unsaturated vegetable oil as far as possible, oil quantity is better less, the salad sauce that contains tall grease, peanut butter is the food that gets fat easily, new mom had better eat less. New mother should eat appropriate amount of dairy products, but should pay attention to choose low-fat, skim milk, and should not choose condensed milk, flavored milk. Desserts and snacks are also not suitable for new mothers who want to lose weight, especially cakes and chocolates, which are especially high in calories and should be properly controlled.

Postpartum diet trilogy

Puerperal period is a critical period of physical and mental rehabilitation of puerpera. The average gestational weight increased by 12.5kg, and after delivery the baby and its appendages lost about 4 ~ 5kg outside the body. If the pregnancy weight control is good, through the puerperal body rehabilitation and breastfeeding, postpartum body shape in the postpartum 3 to 6 months will easily restore to pre-pregnancy state.

I. make a postpartum weight management plan

产后肥胖怎么减肥 懒人减肥小妙招

Calculate your body mass index [bmi = weight (kg) present height (㎡). 19-24 for normal, between 24-26 for overweight, more than 26 is mild obesity, more than 28 for obvious], and then according to body mass index weight management plan. If the parturient woman is fat, it is advisable to reduce her postpartum weight by 0.5kg per week. If the parturient is thinner, weight gain should be carried out according to the body mass index to ensure breastfeeding and maternal health.

Two, reasonable diet

A balanced diet is conducive to maternal physical rehabilitation and meet the needs of newborn breastfeeding. Puerpera should increase the intake of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat and seafood, drink milk, drink soup, food diversity, not excessive, should not eat spicy, cold food, avoid tobacco and alcohol, avoid drinking strong tea or coffee or eating greasy food. Follow the doctor’s advice to properly supplement calcium, iron, and increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure the quality of breast milk. Make recipes based on your calorie needs, both main and extra meals.

Postpartum activities and exercise

Postpartum activities can promote uterine contraction and lochia discharge, prevent postpartum hemorrhage; Promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation; Promote pelvic floor muscle contraction, conducive to pelvic organs to restore the original position, prevent uterine prolapse, vaginal wall protrusion and urinary incontinence; Promote blood circulation and prevent deep vein thrombosis of lower limbs; Strengthen the muscle tone of the body, promote the recovery of the figure.

After adequate rest, postpartum activities and exercise can gradually start. No abnormal vaginal birth, postpartum 6 ~ 24 hours can be out of bed activities. For the first time out of bed due to changes in posture will have dizziness, cold sweat, pale and other postural hypotension performance, therefore, keep in mind: sit – stand – line principle, and need the help of loved ones to prevent falling. Vaginal midwifery or cesarean section, the appropriate extension of postpartum activities out of bed time.

产后肥胖怎么减肥 懒人减肥小妙招

How does postpartum fat reduce weight

No matter be natural labor or caesarean section, after waiting for body comfort to improve moderately, can be in bed time to do some of the softer movement, such as carry buttock, shrink anus, ankle pump movement.

Postpartum thin body effect is not good? Check out these recipes

Parturient wants to shake off the redundant adipose that stores inside pregnancy body, shrink feed reducing weight is undesirable. Shrink feed to reduce weight to be able to affect lacteal secretion not only, also go against postpartum recovery. Reasonable adjustment of dietary structure is more scientific, both to take care of the feeding baby, and ensure maternal health, at the same time to achieve the purpose of not gaining weight or weight loss.

1. Change the type of food in the kitchen

Remove certain fatty foods from cupboards and refrigerators. Switch to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread, other cereals, low-fat dairy products, low-fat, low-calorie snacks or side dishes. Go out to buy food, should pay attention to choose to buy bread, pasta, beans and vegetables in the beans, such as beans, green beans.

2. Recommended food preparation methods

(1) have a glass of 100% fruit or vegetable juice or a fresh fruit for breakfast.

(2) choose non-fat dairy products, do not drink whole milk, if you drink fresh milk, can boil after the top of the milk to remove.

(3) tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, bell peppers, cabbages, scallions and other raw vegetables and fruits cut into slices and added to bread, steamed bread or cakes.

(4) lunch to eat more carrots or celery sticks, with a large plate of vegetables, but do not add too much soy sauce or other spices.

产后肥胖怎么减肥 懒人减肥小妙招

(5) when cooking poultry, it is best to remove the skin, internal organs and fat, the lean meat with fat parts removed.

(6) when cooking, use oil-free broth instead of cooking oil, cook fish and meat in water or tomato sauce, and eat less Fried food.

Postpartum body shape recovery and physical exercise

(1) go upstairs not by elevator but by the stairs, short distance out not by car but on foot.

(2) push the baby car to take the baby outdoors, choose the climbing road, walk fast, holding the baby is also a good exercise.

(3) when brushing teeth, taking a shower, cooking, and cleaning the house, do abdominal exercises anytime and anywhere to exercise abdominal muscles.

产后肥胖怎么减肥 懒人减肥小妙招

How does postpartum fat reduce weight

(4) take a minute or two to do this. Facing the wall, place your arms at chest level and support them against the wall. Keep your feet away from the wall and lean forward with your upper body. Then, push your arms against the wall, keeping your upper body away from the wall, several times.

(5) when answering the phone or doing other things, can raise the heel, tighten the abdominal muscles well buttock; Alternatively, lift one leg as close to the upper body as possible by bending the knee and then lower it. One leg can also be maximally raised sideways, and then under, the legs exchange; Another option is to extend one leg back and lift it up with a slight bend of the knee and slowly return to the original position. These exercises can exercise the leg and arm muscles, reduce fat.

(6) carry the wall, back, shoulders, heels, buttocks are all attached to the wall, and then two arms extended, along the wall slowly raised to the head above, repeated several times.

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