The common problem that bury a line to reduce weight takes you to understand bury a line to reduce weight

【 introduction 】 what are the common problems of losing weight by burying wires? Buried-wire weight loss is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine method of weight loss, which is also a relatively healthy method of weight loss. So what about buried-wire weight loss? Below small make up to tell you about the problem of weight loss line, take you to understand the line weight loss!

5 common problems of losing weight by burying wires

NO.1 basic definition: what is buried-wire weight loss?

This method originated from the acupoint burial method in the 1960s. It was improved and developed on the basis of the traditional “acupuncture and moxibustion” and is a modified type of acupuncture and moxibustion. In the past, small steel needles were used in acupuncture and moxibustion, while “acupoint embedding” was a method of losing weight by replacing needles with thread.

埋线减肥的常见问题 带你了解埋线减肥

The method that bury a line to reduce weight 15 days bury a line 1, absolve fat person everyday the trouble that goes acupuncture and moxibustion and anguish, it is the method that busy modern first selection reduces weight.

NO.2 basic principle: what is the principle of weight loss?

The method of weight loss by embedding catgut is a kind of “white matter line” that can be absorbed by the human body into the acupoint by using special needles. It can stimulate the acupoint continuously and effectively through body slimming, including adjusting the endocrine system, nervous system and metabolism of the human body, and finally achieve the effect of slimming and weight loss.

埋线减肥的常见问题 带你了解埋线减肥

Common problems of losing weight by burying wires

Catgut embedding weight loss is based on the individual differences of patients, different symptoms, different obesity reasons for the dialectical selection of acupoints, and then on the acupoint catgut embedding, to dredging channels and collaterals, reconcile the role of qi and blood.

NO.3 buried line weight loss is safe?

To the person that bury a line to reduce weight quite strange, many people or the safety hidden trouble that net friend is right bury a line to reduce weight, the line that worries place to be able to remain inside body, can cause harm to the body. Actually bury a line to reduce weight to use “albumen line” not be common catgut, use Chinese traditional medicine to process and become however catgut, albumen line can be embedded directly hypodermic, initial meeting remains in the body, after 10-15 days, can be absorbed by the body gradually, won’t cause harm to human body.

After all, wire embedding weight loss is a relatively new weight loss project, if the mentality of doubt is a good normal thing, for the friends who want to try wire embedding weight loss, you can first carry out in-depth professional doctor consultation, according to their practical situation to decide whether to use wire embedding weight loss.

NO.4 buried line weight loss really effective?

Can restrain patient hyperactive appetite, from basically control quantity of heat absorb, avoid adipose generation thereby.

埋线减肥的常见问题 带你了解埋线减肥

Can restrain patient intestines and stomach to digest absorb, make originally the energy that converts adipose is used up directly, reduce energy absorb thereby, achieve the effect that reduce weight.

Can stimulate the patient’s slow autonomic nerve (cross nerve), make its function active, increase energy consumption, promote the decomposition of fat in the body.

Judging by the principles of weight loss and the reactions of netizens, some people find that trying to lose weight doesn’t have much effect, while others are quite obvious. The method of losing weight by burying wires has a good effect on simple obesity and people with severe obesity. Because many hospitals and doctors who can perform acupuncture and moxibustion also have a lot of advantages, the new technology of losing weight by burying wires must be carried out by professional doctors with good technology, so that the effect can be more obvious.

What is the difference between buried-wire weight loss and acupuncture weight loss?

Implantation in acupoints can stimulate acupoints for a long time, which is more lasting and effective than traditional acupuncture.

埋线减肥的常见问题 带你了解埋线减肥

Common problems of losing weight by burying wires

Traditional acupuncture and moxibustion requires daily acupuncture and moxibustion. In this way, it is difficult for patients to adhere to the course of treatment due to various principles of work and life. However, the time of acupoint stimulation is as long as half a month, which saves patients’ time and improves the effect of the course of treatment.

Acupoint catgut embedding weight loss is very big advantage is no adverse reactions, to ensure that the process of weight loss of human health and energetic, and rebound rate is very low; At the same time, it can also treat a small part of diseases accompanied with obesity, such as acne, fatigue syndrome, constipation, menstrual disorders, hypertension, high blood fat, fatty liver, etc.

Comprehensive: time – saving, labor – saving, convenient, take into account the treatment of concurrent diseases.

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