Losing weight fast is not a dream

What are the top 10 tips for losing weight around the abdomen? It is well known that the abdomen is a very easy place to accumulate fat, and proud flesh on the abdomen is also a distress for many people. So what are some tips for losing weight around the abdomen? Below small make up for everyone to recommend abdominal weight loss top ten secret, fast weight loss is no longer a dream!

10 tips for losing weight around the abdomen

1, raspberry to prevent constipation, eliminate abdominal distension

A lot of MM waist abdomen is fat because of constipation cause. The fiber content of raspberry is very high, have the effect that prevents constipation, can help these MM achieve thin abdomen purpose.

腹部减肥的十大秘诀 快速减肥不是梦

Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water every day should be your routine. Water contains no calories and speeds up the body’s metabolism. Metabolism can help to burn fat effectively, can achieve the effect that receive abdomen to reduce abdomen naturally cough up.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol has a lot of calories. Alcohol also increases your body’s levels of cortisol, the powerful hormone that stores fat in your lower belly, which is how your beer belly is formed. So for a slim waist, it’s important to stay away from alcohol.

腹部减肥的十大秘诀 快速减肥不是梦

10 tips for losing weight around the abdomen

Sit up straight

Not only is slouching inelegant, it also makes you look fat. In order to exercise your abdominal muscles and achieve weight loss, you should sit with your shoulders back, chin tucked up, and lower back supporting the chair to keep your lower abdominal muscles tight.

It’s good to move your hips more

Often sitting, adipose more easy be in lumbar abdomen hoard, rise more move coxal, such the muscle that can also move to lumbar abdomen while thin buttock, achieve the effect that close an abdomen.

Hula hoops and sit-ups

Whipping hoops burns calories and works to your lower belly, while sit-ups help train your upper belly muscles. Lie on the floor with your legs propped up on a bed or chair. Slowly bend your back, lift your head, shoulders, and then upper back, then lower back. Repeat 10 to 15 times, 2 to 3 times a week.

Use abdominal breathing

Abdomen type breath is the method reducing weight that reduces a belly especially to close abdomen undoubtedly, when walking and standing commonly, want to reduce abdomen forcibly, cooperate abdomen type breath, let muscle of little abdomen become firm.

腹部减肥的十大秘诀 快速减肥不是梦

Diaphragm breathing tightens your stomach

The muscles separating the chest from the abdomen are called the “diaphragm”. A diaphragm breathing is equivalent to 3~5 times the amount of air inhaled from ordinary chest breathing, which can fully deliver nutrients to every corner of the body. 8-10 times in the morning and evening every day can not only make the metabolism more active, but also generate abdominal pressure through the diaphragm breathing, which has a significant effect on tightening the lower abdomen.

Keep massaging

Rise in the morning after drinking water, can undertake abdomen is massaged, strengthen thin abdomen effect. Specific practice is: both hands finger is put on abdomen, regard navel as a center point next, two hands finger is in navel both sides respectively, with counterclockwise or clockwise direction makes a circle to press knead abdomen two side, both sides presses 50 times left and right sides respectively, attention should control strength, cannot press excessive. Massage every day can promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, help promote the excretion of metabolites, and can promote the decomposition of abdominal fat by increasing the temperature of the abdomen. This massage method also suits to undertake in the evening, cooperate in the morning and evening, thin abdomen effect is better.

腹部减肥的十大秘诀 快速减肥不是梦

10 tips for losing weight around the abdomen

Get up and have a glass of water

The first thing to keep in mind when trying to lose weight is to start each day with a glass of water. After a night’s rest, the body energy and nutrition have been consume it, the water can slowly “wake up” the body and to supply the body with water, and when we sleep, enter the body of food nutrition is absorbed, the rest of the waste residue will be converted to, these waste in water to drink and metabolites, the toxin inside body together out of the body, make the belly become flat moment! The habit that nurturance gets up to drink water first can prevent constipation effectively, solve abdominal distension problem, and still can promote haemal circulation, the effect that still can have hairdressing to raise colour after moisture is delivered to each place of the whole body. Additional, also should drink water more in other period of time, assure the moisture of the body is enough, can enhance greatly so reduce weight the effect.

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