If you don’t like sports, you can lose weight by eating strawberries every day

不爱运动那就每天吃草莓减肥吧 吃草莓美容又瘦身

Weight loss BBS recommended to a month of exercise weight loss schedule

Action 1: frog squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees in a half squat. Bend your upper body forward with your hands clasped into fists and your elbows bent on your knees. Keep your thighs straight but keep your upper body bent forward, arms straight and hands on your knees. This action basically exercises leg ministry, repeat 15-20 times for a group, do 2-3 groups.

Action 2: lie on your back and touch your knees

Lie on your back on the floor, bend your legs, put your hands naturally on your thighs, stretch your arms out, press your stomach hard, lift your upper body off the floor, touch your knees along your thighs, and then slowly return to your original position. This movement mainly exercises the abdomen, 15 times for a group, do 2-3 groups.

Move 3: bend waist to lift bell

This action requires two dumbbells. If not, use a mineral water bottle filled with water instead. Action point is double foot opens with shoulder together wide, double leg is slight curve, upper body tilts 45 degrees before, two hands hold dumbbell nature prolapse, palm is inward. Slowly raise the dumbbell, bending the elbow and lifting it to the ribs, keeping the elbow as close to the body as possible, without extension. This movement mainly exercises the upper arm muscles, 30-40 times for a group, do 2-3 groups.

Action four: chest push a bell

After the last movement, do not put away the dumbbell, continue this movement. Lie on your back on the floor with your legs bent and gathered together. Hold the dumbbell in your hands and lift it up in front of your chest. Your arms should be straight. This movement basically exercises bosom muscle, have breast enhancement effect, 15-20 times are a group, do 2-3 groups.

Action 5: supine carry buttock

Lie on the floor, double leg is bent and come together, the hand is put on the body naturally two side, palm face the ground, the waist lifts coxal forcibly, make knee, coxal and upper body are in same straight line, halt 5 seconds or so, return to original position next. This movement mainly exercises the waist and hip muscles, 15-20 times for a group, do 2-3 groups.

The difference between diet and exercise


Once you go back to your normal diet, you will bounce back quickly, even more sharply.

Because dieting signals to the brain that calories are scarce, the brain is desperate to store them.

After motion reduces weight, period of time does not move, the figure also won’t have too big change, even, still can last thin go down. I’ve had the experience of not going to the gym for half a month and still seeing my waistline shrink.

不爱运动那就每天吃草莓减肥吧 吃草莓美容又瘦身

Because exercise increases your metabolic rate, you can keep burning fat.


Diet, make “ Scraps of paper & throughout; .

Motion, especially anaerobic motion, still can model, let body concave and convex have send, buttock becomes warped leg is long.

Whole body fat reduction, local molding. Focus on a few areas to get in better shape.


Dieting can lead to dull, rough skin, dry hair, and a general lack of energy and energy.

People who exercise have lustrous skin and are energetic.


People who diet become stupid. The brain is slow when it is not well fed.

Exercise improves heart and lung function, and the flow of nutrient-rich, oxygen-rich blood through the brain will keep your mind sharp.


Dieting may lead to anorexia, irregular periods, fractures, stomach pain, edema, anemia, and so on.

Exercise will make you healthier and healthier.

Strawberry diet

Strawberry diet one, strawberry big almond fruit tea

Ingredients: strawberries, 10 bananas, 1 large American almond, 20 honey, 2 tablespoons (30ml) cold water, 4 tablespoons (60ml)


1) soak the strawberries in light brine for 10 minutes, rinse them and cut them in half. Peel the bananas and cut them into pieces.

2) put the strawberries, bananas, large almonds, honey and cold water into the blender. You can also cut some strawberry fruit before eating, taste better.

不爱运动那就每天吃草莓减肥吧 吃草莓美容又瘦身

Strawberry diet two, simple strawberry juice

Combine 50g strawberries with honey and 100ML cold water in a blender.

Strawberry diet diet three, strawberry yogurt

Ingredients: 8 strawberries, 1 cup low-fat yogurt

How to do it: after the strawberries are washed, remove the stems and cut into pieces. Mix the strawberries in the low-fat yogurt.

Strawberry diet four, cucumber strawberry bean juice

Cucumber all the time is well-known all reduce weight sharp implement, can eat not only still can take face of apply, to moist skin, purify wrinkle, defer consenescence to wait to all have very good effect.

And the pectin that contains in strawberry and cellulose, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, ameliorative constipation, and strawberry juice still has the effect that moist nutrition skin, invigorate the mind, reduce cholesterol to wait.

At the same time soya-bean milk is rich in protein, adipose, phospholipid, carotene and a variety of vitamins, amino acids and minerals and other nutrients, can effectively prevent the loss of human calcium, balance the nutrition structure in the body, reduce or avoid obesity also has certain effect.

Mix them to press juice to drink, it is a rare thin body really for the woman platoon poison, raise the nutrition of beautiful skin fine article.

Attention to strawberry

1. Strawberries are rich in coarse fiber and should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Therefore, the best time to eat strawberries is about two hours after a meal, do not eat too much. Can cooperate leben to eat, stimulative intestines and stomach peristalsis.

Strawberries are a blood purifying antioxidant, which means they remove harmful substances and dirt from the blood. Accordingly during reducing weight, should not eat too much meat, especially the red meat such as pork, chicken, beef, but edible fish more. Lose weight while doing hairdressing dietotherapy, why not?

Although strawberry is beneficial, but cannot long time edible a fruit only. So eat it with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies and fruit salads are wise choices.

不爱运动那就每天吃草莓减肥吧 吃草莓美容又瘦身

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