Cling film diet thin abdomen cling film is by no means the perfect abdominal diet

保鲜膜减肥法瘦腹部 保鲜膜绝非完美腹部减肥法

The correct method that clingfilm reduces weight

Clingfilm reduces weight law USES clingfilm lower permeability is body local area quantity of heat increases sharply, a great deal of perspiration achieves the goal that burns adipose then, and the clingfilm law that coords coarse salt has stronger effect reducing weight.

Operation method:

(1) wet hands and face with water, then apply kosher salt to face by patting, and prepare 5 hot towels and 5 cake towels in advance.

Note: facial skin is delicate. To avoid skin sensitivity, apply a small amount of kosher salt to the cheekbone for 15 minutes.

(2) leave a small hole in the plastic wrap (for breathing) and cover the whole face with plastic wrap.

(3) apply the hot towel to your face for 1 minute, then apply the ice towel to your face for 1 minute. After this cycle for 5 times, remove the plastic wrap on your face and rinse it off with warm water.

保鲜膜减肥法瘦腹部 保鲜膜绝非完美腹部减肥法

In fact, & other; Cling film diet ” The principle is the same as diuretics, by reducing body water, to achieve the goal of weight loss. This kind of practice can appear inside shorter time the phenomenon of weight drop, got the favour of fat person consequently. But it should be noted that this weight loss is actually Illusion & throughout; However, what you lose with cling film is only the water in your body, not the fat. The body is wrapped as a result of clingy film, the cell cannot be metabolized normally, lose water excessively consequently, the weight looks on the surface can reduce, but the weight after the cell rehydration can restore very quickly former level. In addition, cling film seriously affects the normal evaporation of sweat, easy to produce side effects, may cause skin allergy, skin heat stroke, even skin infection and cause disease.

1, cling film thin body analysis: temperature increase, accelerate metabolism

Cling film law reduces weight can use cling film lower permeability lets body local temperature of each place quantity of heat increases sharply. And when our body temperature rises, inside the body can discharge superfluous moisture automatically, stimulative metabolism, accelerate adipose combustion thereby.

2, cling film thin body analysis: promote sweating, detoxification thin body

If the human body does not sweat, the body cannot excrete toxins. And clingfilm wraps the body to be able to promote perspiration in great quantities, sweat can be discharged from sweat gland or sebaceous gland, while sweating also be in excrete waste inside body, can discharge poison thereby thin body.

Of course, sweating too much is also bad for your health. When the body is sweating profuse and rapidly, it tends to dehydrate, reducing blood volume and concentrating blood plasma, which can increase the burden on the heart.

How to use cling film thin leg

Operation method:

(1) before using the clinging-film thin leg, massage the acupoints, including sanyinjiao acupoint, sanzouli acupoint and futu acupoint, for more than 10 seconds each, and repeat the massage for three times.

(2) take a kosher salt with both hands, sit on the chair, wet your legs with water, evenly spread the kosher salt in your hands on your thighs, and then rub your thighs with your fists for 5 minutes.

(3) when the leg is pushed and rubbed with fever, wrap the thigh with plastic wrap, remove the plastic wrap after 10 minutes, and rinse it with warm water.

保鲜膜减肥法瘦腹部 保鲜膜绝非完美腹部减肥法

How to use cling film thin waist

Operation method:

(1) take a pinch of kosher salt with each hand, sit on the chair, wet your waist and abdomen with water, evenly spread the kosher salt in your hand on your waist and abdomen, and then rub your abdomen with your fist for 5 minutes.

(2) when the waist and abdomen are pushed and wiped with fever, wrap the abdomen with plastic wrap, remove the plastic wrap after 10 minutes, and rinse it with warm water.

Although clingfilm reduces weight is good, but still have its side effect to exist, use correctly only, ability avoids the occurrence of these problems.

Minus the water

Cling film reduces weight the principle of law and diuretic about the same, and cannot reduce weight fundamentally. Because wrap a limb with cling film, affect body surface to come loose heat, cause local temperature to heighten, increase perspiration, cause local adipose cell and the moisture of other organization cell to be permeated outwards temporarily then, but this won’t increase adipose consumption. After drinking and eating, these cells return to their original state, so the possibility of a rebound is very high.

2. Allergy risk

Because the body is wrapped in plastic wrap, cells lose too much water because they can’t metabolize properly. Additional, the body is wrapped by clingfilm still can affect the normal volatilize of sweat and produce side effect easily. Wrap the body with cling film for a long time, can make the skin cannot come loose heat and make sweat accumulate in local, easy to cause eczema, hair folliculitis and other skin diseases. Plus plastic wrap itself is a chemical, but also easy to cause skin allergies, causing other potential harm to the body.

Finally, I want to remind you that the cling film diet is not a healthy diet, if you really want to completely achieve weight loss, it is best to give up this unhealthy muscling endless diet, cling film diet is not worth advocating. Weight loss does not reduce health, is the real way to lose weight.

保鲜膜减肥法瘦腹部 保鲜膜绝非完美腹部减肥法

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