Marathon running energy supplement, before the race in the race after the need!





(4) according to the composition preference: different energy gels will add some other ingredients, such as amino acids, natural fruit pulp, green tea extract, etc., with little or no content, just for the icing on the cake or to increase the selling point. Some energy gels use organic, plant-based ingredients, such as clif shot gel, suitable for vegetarians and machine controlled.

(5) in accordance with the taste: taste is very important for some people, eat what you want to taste it, viscosity is also different, some almost no water can easily swallow, such as sis, some have to be full of saliva to take.

Q: why did I hit the wall? How to avoid it?

A: in the process of competition, often is 25 to 30 kilometers, with glycogen is about to run out, your brain began to panic, decided to reduce the use of muscle glycogen, secretion of cortisol and adrenaline mobilize fat as an energy source, fat metabolism efficiency significantly lower than that of glycogen metabolism, so you start to drop speed, until can only maintain the speed at A lower level, cortisol will accelerate muscle breaks down into amino acids to maintain blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels continue to drop, the brain’s inadequate energy supply can lead to depression, hallucinations, confusion and poor judgment. The dopamine that used to give you a high is gone, so you drag your feet in frustration to see others pass you one by one… In short, once hit the wall, the whole person is not good.

Avoid hitting the wall at a reasonable pace. Maintain the speed within the range of not consuming glycogen too quickly and using a certain proportion of fat. The most important thing is that the training attaches importance to long-distance running, improve the efficiency of running, let the body learn to use energy effectively. During the competition, sufficient carbohydrate will be added in time through energy glue and sports drinks to maintain blood sugar level and save stored glycogen.

After the game

Q: what do you eat after a marathon?

A: let’s get whatever we want.

Above is the running marathon energy supplement some effective and feasible ways, whether it is before or during the race or after the need to supplement energy oh, running is for health, let us accumulate more scientific sports knowledge, to play a little professional!

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