Postpartum diet plan to lose weight will eat so thin

【 introduction 】 postpartum what does the dietary method that reduce weight have? Most of the female friends in the postpartum will appear out of shape, so in the postpartum want to lose weight how to do? Below small make up for everyone to bring postpartum diet method of weight loss, so eat will be thin!

Diet plan for postpartum weight loss

To control the heat

产后减肥的饮食方案 这样吃才会瘦

If still be in the mother of lactation, although the in the mind thinks to reduce weight, but feed a baby with breast milk even, because this cannot lack all sorts of nutrition, also should absorb enough quantity of heat ability is ok.

Reduce the intake of unnecessary high calories, such as youtiao oily food, can add a small amount of beef, chicken in the usual diet to balance the intake of nutrients.

Meals are fixed and fixed

Skipping breakfast is now the habit of most urbanites, but in fact it is extremely unhealthy, especially for postpartum mothers.

产后减肥的饮食方案 这样吃才会瘦

Diet plan for postpartum weight loss

If do not have breakfast, can let the metabolic rate of the body only reduce, reduce the effect that reduce weight. If you do not eat dinner or lunch, the body can not absorb the corresponding energy, but will seek to eat more from other aspects, and will let the stomach damage.

So be sure to eat three meals at a time, or eat fewer and more meals. Anyhow cannot use do not eat will reduce weight, can be to reduce the portion that absorb only. Because the activity during the day is higher than in the evening, so breakfast and lunch can absorb more portion, to the evening can reduce the intake of dinner, don’t eat again after midnight.

Less oil, less seasoning

In the usual diet, pay attention to light. Most of the traditional Chinese food is about “enough oil, enough heat”. But actually greasy diet is not suitable for postpartum mother.

Fried food must be able to avoid it, in addition, there are dry noodles, soup noodles added oil will make the taste better, but the heat is also relatively high; Thick soup not only thickening, but also adding cream, salt water and other high calorie ingredients; Foods cooked in high oil, such as Chinese thickening, also have high calorie content.

产后减肥的饮食方案 这样吃才会瘦

Eat more vegetables

Because vegetable fiber is much, when chewing vegetable, can let mouth undertake for many times bite and, let mouth ministry nerve send the signal that takes food for many times, and when vegetable enters stomach, can absorb moisture to swell, make the stomach has satiety very easily. Therefore, mothers are advised to eat more vegetables, high fiber food, and it is best to eat before meals, first drink soup or eat vegetables food, in order to reduce the intake of staple food.

Balanced nutrient intake

As mentioned above, to get enough calories but maintain a balanced nutrition, you need to eat vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other foods to get the nutrients you need.

产后减肥的饮食方案 这样吃才会瘦

Diet plan for postpartum weight loss

Among them, the portion with vegetable fruit is heavy. But don’t turn your back on carbs entirely. Not only will they not supply your mother with milk, but they can also lead to ketone poisoning and other health risks in the long run.

So pay attention to a balanced diet and don’t overdo anything. Additional, some food are to want to eat less as far as possible, for instance cake, candy, biscuit, carbonated beverage contains the food with unsaturated candy tall, can stimulate insulin to secrete, store the form that converts blood sugar into adipose gradually thereby in body cell.

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