Belly cupping weight loss method healthy weight loss does not rebound

What’s the best way to lose weight? Cupping is now a very popular Chinese medicine method of weight loss, many people will choose this method to lose weight. Do you know what is the method of abdominal cupping? Below small make up to bring you abdominal cupping method of weight loss, healthy weight loss do not rebound oh!

Abdominal cupping weight loss method

Like acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping therapy is also a kind of physical therapy, and it is one of the best physical therapy. “cupping” is a unique treatment method that has been spreading among the Chinese people for a long time.


腹部拔罐减肥的方法 健康减肥不反弹

A special pot for cupping; Alcohol; Spies; Disinfect cotton.

Step method

First, clean the pot

2, then ignition into the tank. Ignition is usually done with a can in one hand and a lit probe in the other.

3. Select the patient’s zusanli, guan yuan and water. Three acupuncture points.

腹部拔罐减肥的方法 健康减肥不反弹

Belly cupping is a way to lose weight

4, the operation should be rapid, will be on fire in the pot after a few shake the withdrawal of the pot quickly on the place to be treated;

5. Keep the pot for 20 minutes according to the above acupoints, 2-3 times a week, 1 course of treatment for 1 month. After cupping, if can cooperate local manipulation massage effect is better.

6. Finally take the pot: tilt the pot to one side with one hand, and press the skin with the other hand to make air enter the pot through the gap, and the pot will be separated from the skin naturally.

What does abdomen cupping therapy have to reduce weight?

Traditional Chinese medicine cupping to reduce weight eliminate toxins in the body, cupping negative pressure of the strong suction force can make sweat pores fully open, sweat glands and sebaceous glands function by stimulation and strengthening, skin surface senescent cells fall off, so that the body to accelerate the elimination of toxins, waste.

By stimulating meridians and acupoints with cupping in traditional Chinese medicine, the functions of the two systems, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal cortex and sympathetic adrenal medulla, were adjusted, the basal metabolic rate was accelerated, and the endocrine disorders in obese people were adjusted. Through the regulation of the nervous system, can inhibit gastric acid secretion too much, correct the patient’s abnormal appetite.

腹部拔罐减肥的方法 健康减肥不反弹

Cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively regulate the metabolism of lipids, and stimulate the sluggish autonomic nerves of obese people to activate their functions and increase energy consumption. Cupping can cause digestive system reaction, promoted intestines and stomach wriggle, improve digestive function, make airframe metabolism is accelerated, produce heat and adipose to use up increase, can subtract body surface fat to be able to subtract again inside body deep and redundant adipose, achieve safe, health care thereby, do not harm physiology fast reduce weight the purpose.

Acupoints and methods of cupping therapy for weight loss

腹部拔罐减肥的方法 健康减肥不反弹

Belly cupping is a way to lose weight

Cupping can not only detoxify and dispel the cold, but also have a good effect on weight loss!

1. Poach pot weight loss learning points 1: back acupoint weight loss

For the following acupoints, cupping was performed on acupoints with flash fire method, and the cupping was kept for 10 to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times per week.

The spleen shenshu point

Efficacy: radiate heat of spleen and stomach.

The sanjiao (triple energizer) shenshu point

Efficacy: adjust the whole body’s moisture to the bladder meridian, and then discharge it out of the body.

2. Learn key points of cupping for weight loss: abdominal acupoints for weight loss

For the following acupoints, use flash fire method and keep the pot at the acupoints for 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

Often in the den

腹部拔罐减肥的方法 健康减肥不反弹

Efficacy: collect and transmit water and fat.

Big horizontal hole

Efficacy: clear abdomen, remove fat, regulate spleen and stomach.

Close yuan of acupuncture point

Efficacy: collect small intestine through qi and blood, and transmit the dampness of ren mai.

3. Cupping three points of weight loss: lower extremity acupoint weight loss

腹部拔罐减肥的方法 健康减肥不反弹

Belly cupping is a way to lose weight

The following acupoints were selected for appropriate body position, and the cupping was performed on the acupoints with flash fire method, and the cupping was left on the acupoints for 5 minutes. Two to three times a week.

Blood den

Efficacy: lose weight, clear blood and benefit dampness.

St 36 holes

Efficacy: invigorate meridian and invigorate qi.

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