How to use period to reduce weight relaxed reduce weight no longer worry

How to use your period to lose weight? Many of you may have heard that women can lose weight during their periods, but how can they lose weight in a healthy but effective way? Below small make up to tell you how to use period weight loss, help you lose weight easily let you no longer worry!

How should use period reduce weight

A lot of women can choose motion to reduce weight when reducing weight, but dare not move in period when period motion actually has a lot of effect reducing weight! But the movement to women’s menstrual period must be pay attention to control the amount of exercise, menses is not absolute ban movement, but the movement of high strength, large amount of exercise, such as variable speed long-distance running, jumping, load-bearing abdominal slope etc.), should try to avoid or reduce early in the menstrual cycle, so as not to aggravate dysmenorrhea or increase the bleeding, at the same time can also avoid the menstrual blood backflow caused by infection or inflammation.

Nevertheless, during menstruation proper motion conduces to the balance of nervous system, be helpful for haemal circulation, help abdominal muscle, pelvic muscle contract and loosen, let classics blood eduction be smoother, also can have certain alleviate dysmenorrhea action. How should female menstruation move after all? How should female menstruation move after all?

如何利用经期减肥 轻松减肥不再愁

In the early stages of menstruation, many women experience physical discomfort. Accordingly, before the first 3 days of period arrival, suggest everybody is given priority to with rest, the sister that really wants to move, can decide athletic form according to oneself circumstance, with relatively gentleness, slow, loosen, stretch athletic give priority to, be like meditative yoga, elementary form gymnastics, or just do a few simple stretch movements at home. These light exercises help the body’s blood flow smoothly and relieve stress. During exercise, it is important to avoid putting pressure on the abdominal cavity and lifting the legs too high. If you feel tired or find a sudden increase or decrease in blood loss, you should stop exercising immediately.

The body begins to restore commonly in the 5th day, can choose a few to walk slowly at this time, jog wait for oxygen to move. However, avoid some ball games and heavier weights.

Note: the above analysis is based on normal conditions, except for some women with special conditions. What does menstruation period motion have to note?

Proper exercise during menstruation can regulate the body, but if the movement is improper, it will bring great harm to the body. Women should pay attention to the following points when exercising during menstruation:

1. Reduce the amount of exercise: it is appropriate to participate in some regular and skilled sports, such as jogging, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, shooting and other sports.

如何利用经期减肥 轻松减肥不再愁

How to use period to reduce weight

2. Shorten the time of exercise and slow down the pace: to reduce the amount of exercise and achieve the effect of muscle relaxation.

3. Avoid violent and excessive vibration of sports: menstrual period should not participate in such as high jump, long jump, 100-meter race run and play football and other sports, also should not be carried out push-ups, dumbbells and other increased abdominal pressure strength exercise, so as to avoid excessive menstrual bleeding, menstrual blood flow back and even change the position of the uterus.

4. Avoid participating in various water sports: do not participate in diving, swimming, water polo and other sports, even using tampons, because the menstrual women’s resistance is weak, the reproductive system is vulnerable to attack, the swimming pool bacteria more easily infected; Also unfavorable wash cold bath and wash crural ministry with cold water, lest cause menstruation maladjusted.

Regulate the body’s yoga movements

1. Left and right leg locking relieves dysmenorrhea

Lie supine position, two legs are in first unbend condition, next inspiratory at the same time bend right knee, fold right leg, right ham as far as possible close chest. Exhale with your hands interlocked at your right knee. Exhale completely, letting both lobes try to exhale and lift your head to your right knee. Hold your chin on your knee for 10 seconds, then inhale, slowly lower your head back to the floor, while keeping your right leg straight on the floor.

After normal and even breath 3 times, do the reverse side again, it is the left leg bends when inspiratory likewise, press the step above to do, left, right two legs do 6 times each.

Then bend your knees and bring your thighs close to your chest, with your arms around your knees. Do the above exercise while focusing on your breathing.

Benefits: this exercise tonifies and strengthens the abdomen and stretches the neck muscles. It helps to relieve constipation and has an excellent effect on releasing abdominal qi.

Note: if you want to keep your chin on your knees for a longer period of time, change your suspension to a position where you breathe in and out gently.

如何利用经期减肥 轻松减肥不再愁

2. Supine spine twisting promotes metabolism

Lie on your back on the mat with your arms open and palms down. Bend your knees and lift your left leg. Place your left foot on your right knee.

Benefits: massages the belly, promotes digestion, eliminates proud flesh in the abdomen and thighs, improves insomnia.

Meditate on your back to relax

如何利用经期减肥 轻松减肥不再愁

How to use period to reduce weight

Lie on your stomach with your arms outstretched before your head; Close your eyes and relax. Mind to breathe; Each time you breathe in, say to yourself, “I realize I’m breathing in.” Each time you exhale, say to yourself, “I realize I’m exhaling.”

The benefit: this position provides total rest, relaxation, and mental alertness. It gently stretches the back, shoulders, and arms, helping to remove stiffness in the neck. People with a bent back and rounded shoulders, as well as people with dislocated spines, can find relaxation exercises beneficial.

Note: holding this position for 10 minutes or longer may be more effective for certain ailments. Many people know that only the metabolism increased, it is easier to lose fat, and accelerate the metabolism must start from the morning! Here are 5 ways to take your fat-burning potential to the next level.

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