Six tips for losing weight during your period will help you lose weight again and again

What’s the best way to lose weight during your period? Menstruation is the individual physiology period with peculiar female, probably everybody also knows to have certain effect reducing weight when menstruation. So what do you know about losing weight during your period? Below small make up for everyone to bring period lose weight of coup, six let you a thin again thin!

Six ways to lose weight during your period

Whether a woman can exercise during her period depends largely on her own condition. In general, a lot of women feel good during their period, and moderate exercise does not lead to a lot of blood loss. If it is really difficult to spasm, it is better to stop exercising and have a good recovery at home.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

But then again, if you’re in the habit of staying active, and if you stop exercising when you notice any symptoms of premenstrual discomfort, do you spend two weeks on the couch? In order not to interfere with your daily routine, we are going to teach you six exercises that you can safely do during your period. You will find that moderate exercise during the physiological period can make you from the inside to the outside of the ruddy clear, very charming!

One, walk 20 ~ 40 minutes

Even if be to object to do intense motion or the expert that fitness takes exercise during physiology, also cannot agree to walk or gait, it is to be able to be below the circumstance that does not get hurt easily most, the good movement that helps adjust period unwell effectively. Whether it’s before or during your period, as long as you’re able to get out of bed and move around, wear comfortable sandals, sunscreen, and take a walk in the park.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

A great way to lose weight during your period

In general, the method that walk reduces weight cannot use up too much adipose, but can pass cool weather in the evening, walk on paragraph with the person that oneself are closest to most, can make the mood becomes cheerful not only rise, still can move because of oneself, bring body and mind to be satisfied on the psychology.

Jog for 15 to 30 minutes

If you want to go jogging fu, then don’t hesitate to run! Many sports science studies have confirmed that running actually activates the brain and produces the mooth-boosting chemical endorphin. So if you’re feeling down because of your period, put on your headphones and let music accompany you on your jogging days.


In particular, your body is in addition to the menstrual blood, water and electrolytes will also be lost because of jogging; Remember to hydrate yourself before, during and after your runs so that you don’t run out of energy.

Three, yoga 10 ~ 20 minutes

Generally speaking, suitable for women to do yoga during the physiological movement, vary from person to person; The maturity of the technique and the softness of the body also determine whether you can perform certain yoga movements. In addition to not recommending you to do the handstand, there are some yoga poses that do it for you

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

Alleviate the muscle of bone disc lumen, loosen the circumstance that feels lumbar acid because of menstruation. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, start with the simple yoga wreath.

1, the body stand straight, straight back, feet apart, squat on the yoga mat, your feet also want to open on both sides, according to their own situation, let their heel fish with specifications level line. Make yourself look like a frog and hold on to the ground.

2. Then extend the fingertips of your hands backward, palms up, and reach behind your left and right feet respectively.

Inhale and lean forward slightly to maintain balance. Put your hands through your ankles and touch your fingertips at your heels. Keep your feet balanced and open with your head slightly down and exhale slowly.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

A great way to lose weight during your period

Four, aerobic dance 30~ 45 minutes

Hey, when your period comes, is the crazy spirit in your heart particularly restless, really want to liberate but do not know how to solve? Honey, we can totally understand that, now, let’s do aerobic dance, which is the perfect exercise to release your crazy heart!

Since the teachers of rhythmic exercise are usually very lively and the class is very relaxed and interesting, I believe you will soon be able to divert your attention and get rid of the melancholy easily! What’s more, moderate intensity aerobic dancing can relieve your swelling as well as burn a lot of calories. Plus sweat energy


Accelerate the speed of metabolism, so that the body to achieve a deeper detoxification. After the rhythmic exercise, you almost forget that your “good friend” is waiting for you at home! Of course, water also should remember timely complement just goes.

Five, dance, according to your mood

Big action dancing, it sounds like it’s not something you can do during your period; But if you’re not too bad, dancing can actually help your heart and lung function and improve blood circulation. And did you find that dancing is actually the least athletic of sports? Look at the beat in lens, move feeling and agile oneself, forget to return deep-set in the suffering sea of physiology period actually?

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

Not only does dancing bring out the best in you, it also brings out the best in you. In addition, compared with the daytime, dancing at night can make you feel more relaxed and make you look more attractive. Now, choose your favorite dance song and dance with it!

Small remind: must warm up before dancing completely, also must undertake after ending moderate movement, in order to prevent the body to pull an injury!

Six, lie on your stomach, but don’t forget to breathe

If you are a super lazy girl, take advantage of the TV break at home, take advantage of the commercials to do some down action, let the body completely relax at the same time to help their bones do a big stretch.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

A great way to lose weight during your period

Lay face down on the floor (if it’s too cold, put a blanket on the floor and get down).

Wrap your arms and elbows around your lower chest.

Use the power of your arms and toes to lift your body up, hold for a few seconds, then lower it.

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A rope is hung with the shoulders back so that the spine is straight and strong. Walking in this way, you will feel slight pressure on your chest and waist, and slight pain in your sternum and waist. Don’t be afraid. This shows that the ligaments around your waist are gradually lengthening, and your waist joints are also in an extended state.

1. Make your legs longer and thinner after exercise

Korean exercise experts say beating the meridians can help you relax and stretch your muscles. For an adult, after moderate aerobic exercise, his legs will grow a little longer than usual, because the exercise makes the qi and blood flow unobstructed.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

The bravery classics that is located in ham inside is a from the beginning outspread the main and collateral of the foot, beat bravery classics after motion 5 minutes, not only can help you stretch leg is long, still can the adipose grain eduction of accumulation outside ham side, let you have a pair of more slender beautiful leg.

Want to beat gallbladder classics 4 big acupoint, find acupoint accurate position first: annulus jump acupuncture point: stand straight take up coxal, coxal the place with most concave is in muscle again the position of one or two inches deep is annulus jump acupuncture point.

Wind city acupoint: station is straight, two hands are natural prolapse, in fingertip is opposite in ham outboard place is wind city acupoint.

Middle blasphemy: focus on the outside of the thigh, close the knee for you 5 inches, that is the middle blasphemy.

Kneejerk: when sitting with your knees bent, there is a hollow point on the outside of the knee, called kneejerk.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

A great way to lose weight during your period

The method of gallbladder beating is simple. After the exercise, the four points on the outside of the thigh should be hit hard once every four times. Each time, the points on the left and right thighs should be hit 50 times. Thigh muscles and fat are very thick, so you have to work hard, and at 2 beats per second, effectively stimulate the acupuncture points.

Use breaks to make your arms smaller

All day long in front of the computer, a few hours down, feeling back pain, limb fatigue as a result of holding the mouse for a long time, your arm will be in a tense state. The good news is that releasing muscle tone burns more calories than regular exercise. If you stop and stretch your arms every 1-2 hours in front of a computer, and do some light upper body exercises, your arms will look slimmer and more attractive.

Teach you a kind of simple arm motion law: stand straight double leg is apart with shoulder with wide, two hands are put behind, join together two thumbs, the rest finger wants to spread out. After lifting the chin with strength, bend the upper body forward, lift both arms up, hold for 3 seconds, return to the original position, repeat 20 times.


3, use oviposition period, let crus become some thinner

A study by us medical experts has found that women who are ovulating walk with a smaller gait and tighter knees, in a way that corresponds to a woman’s instinct to “seduce” the opposite sex during ovulation. But the good news is that walking this way burns 16 percent more calories than normal.

If you wear a pair of 5cm high heels, it will make the calf muscles more tight, lose more belly fat. It is recommended that you lift your heels when you go upstairs, carry the weight on your legs, and pick up the pace. Additional, sit before computer, you still can lift double leg intentionally, stretch tight tiptoe, after 30 seconds put down, undertake everyday 5-10 times, let crus come down quickly.

Look like fun get down motion, to physiology period it is the whole body movement with quite high intensity. Try to hold your body up until the end of a commercial, then gradually extend it to a full commercial period. You’ll be surprised how many more than 300 calories were burned in this seemingly short advertising period! Do this a few times and your abdominal cramps will improve.

How to reduce weight during menstruation

One: diet

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦

The friend that reduce weight can eat a bit of good iron food more during menstruation, still have the food of high protein, such ok and very good complement the nutrition composition that the body runs away.

2. Eat high-fiber foods, such as: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole-wheat noodles, brown rice, oats and other foods. Because absorb enough tall fiber food, can promote estrogen eduction, increase the content of magnesium in blood, can adjust menstruation and composed nerve.

Warm clew: unfavorable during menstruation be on a diet, ought to absorb enough quantity of heat and nutrition, the proposal is tie-in after reasonable food a model fine fruit is edible, the effect of model body of such reducing weight can be more apparent.

Two: sports

Period 1-3 days, do some relatively gentle stretching exercises, such as meditation yoga, basic form gymnastics, or just some simple stretching movements. These light exercises help the body’s blood flow smoothly and relieve stress. In particular, it is important to avoid pressure on the abdominal cavity, to avoid raising the leg position too high.

经期减肥的妙招 六招让你一瘦再瘦0

A great way to lose weight during your period

Period 4-5 days, the body began to recover, this time can start to walk, jogging and other aerobic exercise.

Warm hint: when period motion wants to reduce carry momentum, shorten the time that takes exercise, slow down speed, want to avoid to participate in acuteness at the same time and shake too big motion, avoid to participate in all sorts of water motion, avoid the competition with intense.

Three: accelerated weight loss program

You can continue the previous phase of aerobic exercise, but also need some strength training, exercise time can be maintained at about 3 hours a week. Recreational, less competitive sports like swimming can help calm your mood and reduce premenstrual syndrome. Might as well undertake 30 minutes of yoga to practice everyday, can make your body soft, the mood is serenely, at the same time appropriate pelvic extend posture can promote haemal circulation, reduce oedema and dysmenorrhea. If you prefer a gym, take the time (at least 20 minutes) every day to work out on a dance machine, a rowing machine, or a treadmill.

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