The effect of tea and role, fat reduction!


The effect of tea and role, fat reduction!Functions and effects of tea 12. Functions and effects of tea

The coffee in tea can make human body central nerve excited, the excitement sex that strengthens cerebral cortex, stimulative metabolism, blood circulates, reduce drowsiness, alleviate tired, enhance heart, kidney power, have the effect that invigorates beneficial thinking, clear heart. In addition, tea has the effect that alleviates motion sickness.

The effect and effect of tea 13, the effect and effect of tea of diuresis and antifatigue

The caffeine in tea can stimulate the kidney, promote rapid urine excretion, improve the filtration rate of glomeruli, reduce the retention of harmful substances in the kidney for too long. Caffeine also helps flush out excess lactic acid in the urine.

In addition, caffeine is absorbed by the human body can stimulate the central nervous system, clear the mind, help thinking, and can speed up blood circulation, relieve fatigue.

14. Efficacy and effect of tea leaves

Tea contains certain tea saponin, have very good catharsis effect, can have protect hair effect. After washing a head, besmear of fine tea pink is on scalp, massage gently, everyday 1, perhaps besmear of tea soup is on the head, after massaging 1 minute, wash clean, have the effect that prevents and cure tribalsis, reduce scurf and stop urticant, and do not have excitant to scalp.

Tea can be said to be a bright eye, often in the medical history of a class of herbs. Li shizhen in the Ming dynasty wrote in compendium of materia medica: “tea is bitter and cold… Fire is the source of all kinds of diseases. In the Ming dynasty, qian chunnian and gu yuanqing made a comprehensive discussion on the efficacy of tea in tea spectrum, affirming that tea could “clear the eyes and benefit the mind”. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the visual function of the eye is closely related with the function of the liver, blood and viscera of human body in the process of metabolism of toxic substances, a large part of from urine discharge, can drink tea diuresis, toxin factor to fully out of the body, so that the blood and viscera of the essence of relatively pure, closely related with liver blood and viscera essence of eyes, natural bright less disease, clinical practice also proved this theory. In ophthalmic literature of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many prescriptions for treating eye diseases with tea. Such as “silver as yao letter” has 36 square. These prescriptions have a good therapeutic effect on many eye diseases. Tea is divided outside taking internally, still can treat eye disease externally, if decoction of green tea water, clear hind with wash an eye, inflammation to eyelid edge (commonly known as canker eye edge) and acute infectivity conjunctivitis (commonly known as pinker eye disease) have certain effect.

The above is about the efficacy and role of tea, dear, see? The function of tea and action are really many! So we usually drink tea after tea do not throw out the tea, must play its greatest effect.

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