Bury the taboo that the line reduces weight to have what advantage to bury a line to reduce weight

What are the advantages of losing weight by burying wires? Catgut embedding is a method of using catgut embedding in traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight, which is a healthy and effective way to lose weight. So what are the advantages of buried-wire weight loss? Below small make up to tell you about the line of weight loss what are the advantages of the specific, to tell you about the line of weight loss taboo!

Acupuncture point burials line to reduce weight to have what advantage

Bury a line to reduce weight this law 15 days to bury a line, absolve fat patient everyday “needle” the trouble of one time and anguish, it is busy modern first selection reduce weight law.

Acupuncture point bury line weight is according to the patient’s individual differences, different symptoms, different obesity mechanism, to carry on the reasonable and effective choose acupuncture point of syndrome differentiation, in the corresponding acupuncture points into protein (protein foods) magnetic line (line for needle), to achieve “spleen yiqi, dredge meridians, to reconcile qi and blood, Yin and Yang”, so as to adjust the plant nerve and endocrine function of patients.

埋线减肥有哪些优点 埋线减肥的禁忌

Acupoint catgut implantation, on the one hand, inhibits the patient’s hyperactive appetite, but also inhibits the patient’s hyperactive gastrointestinal digestion (digested food) absorption, thus reducing energy intake. On the other hand, it can stimulate the patient’s dull autonomic nerve (sympathetic nerve), make its function active, increase energy (energy food) consumption, promote the body fat decomposition. So acupoint catgut is the human body fat rather than water, and can ensure the process of weight loss of human health (healthy food) and energetic exuberant, and rebound rate is very low, this is the biggest advantage of acupoint catgut weight loss.

Bury line to reduce weight to have what contraindication

埋线减肥有哪些优点 埋线减肥的禁忌

Bury line to reduce weight to have what advantage

1. This therapy belongs to the new medical therapy, and the curative effect has not been effectively verified by the country at present. The professional doctor’s opinion must be consulted before choosing this therapy.

Children, pregnant women, patients with skin diseases, infectious diseases should not use.

3. In addition, some people will have adverse reactions, such as local redness, swelling, high fever and allergic reaction.

4. In the west, the operation of “weight loss by wire burying” all USES disposable steel needles, and the regular hospitals in China also advocate “one needle for one person”, and the used steel needles should be sterilized by professional high-pressure steam. But a few small-size individual beauty parlour just immerses steel needle in alcohol disinfection, can kill bacterium only so, wait for a virus to second liver, third liver, AIDS “be at a loss what to do”. Accordingly, ask consumer must not go “3 without” beauty parlour is done “bury a line to reduce weight”.

Buried line of traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight, these “embedded” into the body line in 15 days to 3 months will be absorbed by the body’s natural dissolved, can dredge the body meridian, harmonize qi and blood, improve plant nerve function disorder and endocrine disorders, inhibit fat person gastrointestinal digestion, absorption and hyperthyroidism appetite, so as to reduce calorie intake, obese slow autonomic nerve stimulation, active at the same time, the promotion of human fat decomposition and consumption, to achieve weight loss.

埋线减肥有哪些优点 埋线减肥的禁忌

How to nurse after burying line to reduce weight

After burying a line to reduce weight, some people can have the symptom of diarrhoea, the symptom of diarrhoea a few times in this is the body is inside actually eduction toxin, need not take medicaments to undertake stopping diarrhoea. In a few days after the embedding of the line, the acupoint part of the embedding of the line will appear bruise, this is because in the embedding of the line, the capillary blood oozing caused subcutaneous bleeding, there is no need to be nervous, in a week or two time the body will absorb dissipation, can use the method of hot compress to help spread.

埋线减肥有哪些优点 埋线减肥的禁忌

Bury line to reduce weight to have what advantage

2, for weight loss buried line, buried line after the first acupoint do not touch water, this is to prevent infection. Do not take a bath on the first day after burying the wire. Wait until the next day, and then remove the adhesive tape covering the acupoints. According to individual differences, in the first two days, some people may feel more pain, varying degrees, then pay attention to rest, symptoms will soon be relieved.

3, after the wire embedding may appear low fever symptoms, this symptom does not need to take medicine, after a day or two will recover. If you have a mild allergic reaction and a small red rash, you can take polysmin, or you don’t have to deal with it, and the body will heal itself.

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