Reduce weight eliminate oedema 10 kinds go oedema food relaxed water control

What food does body edema eat?

1, red bean

Red beans are rich in potassium, which helps remove excess salt from the body. And the saponin contained in red bean has very strong diuretic effect. Additional red bean has the effect that stimulates alvine path, can clear the toxin inside body and redundant moisture, stimulative blood and moisture metabolism.

2, green beans

Mung bean has clear heat detoxification, diuretic, beneficial water and the effect that eliminate oedema, there is a lot of potassium element in mung bean, can help excrete redundant salt inside body, solve oedema problem. And mung bean still has effect of invigorating spleen, help female maintain hormone to secrete normal, protect the function such as liver, kidney, spleen.

3, white gourd

Wax gourd sex is sweet weak cold, have diuretic detumescence, clear hot xiaoke to wait for effect, and wax gourd still has high content potassium element, help human body eliminate redundant sodium salt, it is the good helper that eliminates oedema. And wax gourd still contains a variety of vitamins and cellulose, promote stomach peristalsis, eliminate waste and toxin, it is the best food material that solves constipation. In addition, wax gourd contains a substance called trigonelline, which mainly exists in the flesh of wax gourd, and has the function of promoting human metabolism and inhibiting the conversion of sugar into fat in human body.

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4, watermelon

Watermelon contains citrate flavin, an important detoxifying element that helps flush salt out of the body and edema. Watermelon contains a lot of water, it is easy to appear after eating watermelon satiety, can reduce appetite. Watermelon sweet light cold, with the effect of heat diuresis, can be said to be a good fruit to edema.

5, kelp

Kelp contains mannitol, it is diuretic detumescence good helper. Kelp contains a lot of iodine, which is very effective in treating obesity caused by hypothyroidism and can eliminate the edema image of human body. And, kelp can eliminate blood fat, reduce adipose wait in wall of the heart, blood-vessel and intestines deposit, stimulative cholesterol is excluded, be called so “ Wiper & throughout; The food.

Black coffee

The caffeine in black coffee can stimulate the gastrointestinal secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, promote the body’s metabolism, embellish bowel purge. The quantity of heat of black coffee is very low, drink black coffee to be able to increase quantity of heat to use up, conduce to accelerate adipose combustion and decompose, achieve the effect that reduce weight. At the same time, caffeine can also speed up the body’s excretion, which is very effective in removing edema.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of vitamins and pectin and other acidic ingredients, these acidic ingredients can soften blood vessels, improve the digestive system, endocrine regulation. Generally speaking, alkalescent constitution causes the possibility of oedema quite big, edible apple cider vinegar can balance the acid-base value of the body, have very good diuretic action. Apple cider vinegar can reduce blood fat, enhance immunity and promote the metabolism of sugar.

9, cucumber

Cucumber has qingreli water, detoxification detumescence, thirst – quenching effect. Cucumber has very good diuretic benefit water effect, can use eliminate oedema so, the propylene glycol diacid substance that contains in cucumber can restrain carbohydrate to change adipose material, the cellulose in cucumber still can promote human body gut to inside putrid material eliminate and reduce cholesterol.

Grapefruit tea

Grapefruit is famous low calorie food reducing weight, drink more grapefruit tea can reduce the intake of fat in the body, have very big effect to controlling appetite. And grapefruit contains rich potassium element, it is very good platoon oedema fruit. The grapefruit acid in grapefruit tea can promote human body digestion, promote metabolism and maintain healthy skin.

In order to completely eliminate the edema, we also need to pay attention to a few tips in terms of diet.

1, try to eat some of the lighter food, away from the heavy taste diet, eat less salty food, because they are likely to allow the body to accumulate more water, a long time will cause edema.

2, want to contain a few food of potassium element more, these food can help the body eduction a lot of salt, eliminate oedema. Tomatoes, celery, bananas and other fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium.

Eat foods that contain vitamin E. Bad blood circulation, it is easy to cause swelling, vitamin E containing food, can help speed up blood circulation, prevent swelling. The food that contains rich vitamin E has almond, peanut, wheat embryo to wait.

Drink enough water every day. Drinking less water does not prevent edema, but lack of water will make the kidney signal, so that the cells absorb the existing water, resulting in swelling cells and edema. So let the body absorb enough water, is the natural way to edema.

Vitamin B groups speed up metabolism. Vitamin B1 turns sugar into energy, while vitamin B2 speeds up fat metabolism. Eat vitamin B group rich food, such as mushrooms, sesame, tofu, peanuts, spinach and so on.

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